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Light and Darkness Event

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Light, Darkness, or Twilight? Everyone is choosing sides in the land of Erinn, so head down to Dunbarton and choose a side today! You might even get a special gift for choosing a side. Check out the details on the webpost.

Event Dates: Thursday, March 3rd, After Maintenance - Thursday, March 31st, Before Maintenance



  • ObsidiaObsidia
    Mabinogi Rep: 100
    Post: 1
    I noticed that there is an extension coupon of 1 year for each wing. These expire? How long do they last for?
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    Such a random old event to return.
  • FluoretteFluorette
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,565
    Posts: 738

    welp ... At least I can get a "free" hammer now.
  • GretaGreta
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    Posts: 6,975
    Kinda weird event to bring back, i agree on that. Guess another chance to get even more disappointed for not keeping wings again lol.
    Mabinogi Rep: 300
    Posts: 4
    I don't really see the point of this event to come back other than getting 2 potions/stones/hammers.. The wings aren't going to be permanent unless you luck out in the RNG fest known as that gachapon, and it's likely not even 1% in the drop table.
  • MusicatMusicat
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    edited March 25
    The Meow likes the light nature of the event. It's sad that getting permanent wings dramatically depends on luck but it's good that we can get a set number of coins while completing the milestone quests that's enough to get a reward or two or to exchange for a 1-year extension coupon and something else, and get even some more coins afterwards. Make sure you pick the coupon that matches your wings. That is, if.