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Giving G19 to new characters is probably not great

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Or more accurately: Immediately dropping later gen quests onto fresh characters on new accounts is going to be exceedingly confusing when players unfamiliar with the game are being treated like world-weary adventurers with years of experience under their belts. This is especially bad since the first step of g19 is to speak to Duncan, who is involved with the non-Blaanid tutorial quests, and soon after sends the player to Kristell, who is heavily involved in G1. It's an incredibly awkward and confusing moment that disrupts the introductory segment of Mabinogi and I can only imagine it sours the initial experience of most new players.

From what I recall, Apocalypse is also dropped onto new players (at least, one of my lower-level characters who had only completed up to g3 had access to it), which is an equally confusing design decision but not quite as bonkers considering it doesn't require you to speak to NPCs involved with the tutorial section right away.

If it was a decision made to allow current players to rush the later content on newer characters, it's a poor reason considering we've always been able to start storylines we didn't automatically qualify for at Duncan, and Sagas I and II have always only been accessible via menus. Current players are aware of these tools and can start any story quest they want at any time on any character.

If I were to choose a point where the game automatically started G19 for you, it would be after the completion of both G16 and Saga I, not only because it would fill the player in on most of the past events referenced in the Divine Knights and Apocalypse chapters, but G16's finale is actually kind of brutal for unprepared players and Saga I has... mobs that spam final hit, but once a player is able to deal with those, they can handle the boss enemies with advanced heavy stander in the following story content.

So, yeah, it's dumb and stupid and I am biased and nitpicking, change it.

(Please, before the inevitable Josh Strife Hayes review, I'm begging you)


  • ElrisElris
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    I've had a similar thought regarding the Baltane Squire Unit. Canonically, a milletian isn't supposed to meet the Alban Knights until G19, but before even starting it this super secret group that you've never met/heard of can send you a letter nominating you to be in charge of some of their recruits.
    Recruits that also recognize you as being this incredibly renowned person for things you haven't accomplished yet, but also still don't want to cooperate with you training them to become Knights which, it seems, they all signed up to be.
    I know it was jarring for me...I imagine it's worse for someone still getting to know the setting.
  • nomigid15nomigid15
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  • FluoretteFluorette
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    Yes. Yes. Yes. I whole-heartedly agree each time this discussion is brought up.

    Users have reported issues with having these quests on at the same time. Besides Duncan, Lassar is heavily involved in Chapter 1 quests, but she'll disappear from the school to appear in Sidhe Sneachta in an early G19 quest. Unless you clear that G19 quest first, you can't proceed with the C1 ones.
    + with G19 being a slightly more difficult Gen (at least for a newer, inexperienced player), it does not make sense to lump it in so early.

    Another point someone mentioned a while back is that the level requirement in order to start G19/Chapter 6 isn't even enforced. You still receive it at level 19 (or whatever) instead of what's listed in the Chapter menu.

    Something else, although this is way smaller: skipping Chapter 2 quests isn't an option - it's a quest that's also just handed to you early on, probably before you even realize what it actually does. It's necessary to talk to Kousai for other things (like certain skill quests), so unless you've read up on the Wiki first, you just have to deal with it. Chapter 2 probably isn't a big deal for most, but for someone who wants to play in order, knowing that you've hopped over to Chapter 3 just like that is a bit of an annoyance.

    Also, we still haven't received the Masterpieces part 1 (allowing for the earlier chapters to be replyable) update for whatever reason when chapters 6 and 7 were recently made re-playable (Masterpieces part 2) in South Korea. BLEH.

    One complaint I have seen for this game is that "it loves to not tell its story in order" which is technically not true, but the way to properly ensure that you can is far more effort than it should be. Let us play these things in sequential order. If players wanna skip gens/chapters, they can just talk to Duncan/use the chapter menu like they always could, just as you said.
  • ElrisElris
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    Also, we still haven't received the Masterpieces part 1 (allowing for the earlier chapters to be replyable) update for whatever reason when chapters 6 and 7 were recently made re-playable (Masterpieces part 2) in South Korea. BLEH.

    As someone who skipped the earlier Gens to quick-unlock the transformation skills on my main (in my defense it was before they simplified them), I would LOVE the option to replay those.
    Sorry, I know that's not the point of this thread, but I didn't know that was even in the works and I figured I'd toss in my two cents since it came up.
  • talex9talex9
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    I think that actually makes things even better! It allows for far more possibilities in story creation, provided you squint a little and suspend your disbelief by filling in the blanks. The seemingly chaotic disorganization allows for each game experience to provide different stories from one another even if some pieces don't connect without the user's help. Replaying is also a very welcomed function by me, that way, i may one day play it 'the right way', although, 'cronollogicaly by release date' would be more accurate.
  • HelsaHelsa
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    It used to be that you HAD to do the G's in order. This was changed because, at the time, G9 was very difficult and a lot of goodies were post G9, so they opened up the story to be run in any order. With the power creep in the game since then, G9 is not the barrier it used to be. So they could re-implement ordered G completion.