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Away with Inventory Tetris!

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Any Mabinoger who has played long enough knows the hell of having to sort and organize inventory. I believe its time to propose better ways of dealing with the inventory.

First of all, the current event is a perfect example for anyone who is new to the game. This pattern has been repeated for over 10 years. Many people don't have much hopes that the developers or the people in charge will change the way they do events where tons upon tons of junk items are flung at us players and we have to do the dirty work of either dropping what is useless, then making space for what might be useful after opening the next box then rinse and repeat.

In this post I described how this inventory problem plays a big factor in what may be the most unappealing thing about the game for younger audiences, but this problem applies also to anyone who plays this game.

Many years ago I remember one of the statements or slogans made somewhere in the website was that this game was designed to be very similar to reality. This cannot be true, and has gone off that rail many years ago. It would be impossible to say it is realistic to carry the amount of items I am currently holding, so this excuse is no longer viable and the game's quality will not drop if this system is improved, on the contrary.
I wont go as far as saying it needs to be remade but I have some ideas that could improve the way items are dealt with

First of all let's address the problem with Junk Item Events.
While many will argue that not all items given in events are junk, let's keep in mind that one mans treasure is another mans trash and vice versa. I doubt anyone will hold on to each and every item flung at us through events. So, my best proposal to solve this problem:
A system already exists where one can conveniently scroll through items without caring about playing Tetris and it was recently added so why not use the same system and format
This way event items will stack, and players should never have to bother about making room or rearranging the inventory. If the event inventory is big enough (maybe 20x20 or more) all event items would go only there. It's easier to dump a whole stack of items you don't want than to fill your inventory, dump one, open a box/fill inventory again, drop the same items again. I can see how this would be convenient for statistics so that it can be said that "players spend a lot of time playing this game," but I don't think people wouldn't play any less if they focused on what's fun rather than mundane tasks such as sorting items.
This also solves the problem of expired items taking up space. This helps people keep their inventory as tidy as possible, even if the entire inventory system is not remade.
Simplification is crucial and essential to bringing younger audiences in any environment. So how about we do away with this for once and for all? It's been more than 11 years for me going through this same annoying pattern of junk item events.

Im not sure if this already exists but I believe people pay a lot of money to buy gachapons and having to sort through junk/trash/ and items they dont wan't or need is kind of anti-rewarding. You already have the Cash Shop Inventory and you have the new inventory search system so the platforms to do this and simplify all inventory tetris problems shouldn't be hard.

This probably is asking for too much, but my current inventory has so many bags that they don't even fit the entire screen and have to be overlapped. When trying to sell items at an NPC I have to move windows around to be able to "end conversation." This is another individual problem partially related that can easily be fixed by adding a "Close Shop" button on the same window as the NPC Shop window.
If we could just combine the total space of bags maybe it would be easier than having to open/close/move each bag window one by one. a nephew once stumbled on this problem and said "this is stupid." I think its understandable

For now I must leave but will come back to follow up to complete this. Any ideas that could help solve this problem will be appreciated!
  1. Make new Temporary Inventories for Events and Gachapon?4 votes
    1. Yes
       100% (4 votes)
    2. No
       0% (0 votes)


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    honestly id love to have a resident evil 4 style attache case for mabinogi aka being able to rotate items to better accommodate for limited space
  • HelsaHelsa
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    DDSN wrote: »
    honestly id love to have a resident evil 4 style attache case for mabinogi aka being able to rotate items to better accommodate for limited space

    Definitely. Even just rotating 90° one way and back would be enough. That would only require an additional bit to the item record; woop dee doo. Go with throttle-up on that!
  • mintielmintiel
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,865
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    I agree, just make the inventory thing for literally everything. Every other MMO I've played has had every item in a given inventory take up a single slot. Just modernize it.
  • SherriSherri
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    edited February 15, 2023
    i'm really glad this thread wasn't to completely change the inventory, as i'm one of those weirdos who actually enjoy playing inventory tetris :joy: but there is one thing i'd like and it's already been said, to be able to rotate items
    heck, it's a feature in actual Tetris, so why not make it one on Mabi? i even have that issue right now, i can't make room for a bag i want to use, but could easily fixed if i rotated another bag i had

    in conclusion,
    me @ my items;