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im new and lost

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in General Chat
im just a new player that got this game a few weeks ago... im currently stuck with this Dilys npc. she gave me a horse whistle and demanded me to use it,, whenever i try to use it and put a random pet name it says the name doesnt exist.. the thing is i dont even have a pet. i surfed the depths of the internet and still havent found a solution... please help!


  • HelsaHelsa
    Mabinogi Rep: 23,410
    Posts: 5,796
    Go to the Mabinogi home page and log in. The log in credentials are the same as what you use to activate the game launcher. You have to log in to the website even if you have Mabinogi or the launcher running. Once logged in go to support; you can submit a ticket to tech support. I haven't used support in a while. As I recall, they use email. Have fun.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    Destroy it. You don't need it. Just summon some other pet to complete that quest.
  • Jolinar+MariJolinar+Mari
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    I would not destroy it. unless you want to spend money every pet counts. especially if you are an elf you can use bow on horseback, not all pets allow this. I have a bunch of pets and still use my horse. This sounds strange but i have been using the support every time i see an issue and they usually answer in a few hours and no they don't use email it's a very simple and easy to use system built into the website where you message. this is the link