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Adventure Seal Collecting Guide

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edited January 6, 2017 in Game Guides
Adventure Seal Collecting Guide

Special thanks to Habimaru, who posted a similar guide in the old forums.

Thanks to Leinei and Greta for contributing with more tips.

This guide is focusing in collecting Adventure Seals without the hassle of battling. While it requires preparation, it pays off in the long run. We will be focusing on Seal Quests that require little to no fighting, or that don’t require having high skills in order to complete quickly.

• Handicraft Kit
• Cooking Knife
• Cooking Table
• Potatoes
• Carrot
• Lemon
• Basil
• Tomato
• Striped Marlin
• Admiral Owen Box
• Hilween Engineering Bag
• Magic Craft Bag
• L-Rod
• 5 White Herbs
• Cooking and Handicraft Skills at rank F+

Without any further ado, let’s begin shall we:


Emain Macha
• Puppet Shop – Talk to Macauley
If you are a newbie you can make Paper Cranes to get your Handicraft level to rank E. After collecting the quest reward, just drop the Puppets.
• Restaurant – Talk to Gordon
We just need to make a 3 star dish so, in order to save time you will prepare both the Vegetable Canape and the Tomato Basil Salad. Why? Because we need those 2 dishes later.
You can get Stamed Potatoes for the recipe from Glenis' quests if you're just starting to rank Cooking. Other method is to make Bread Crumbs (Mixing); the only downside is that the Sliced Bread needed to make them can be pricey for newbies.

Port Cohb
• Nails for Stones – Speak to Madoc
Just hit the nearest sign post in order to gather the Nails. If you have a pet, summon it to hit the prop with you, so you get them quicker. This quest also grants you 2 Homestead Stones! :O
• Manolin’s Revenge – Speak to Manolin
You need to give him a Striped Marlin. I suggest stocking on Marlins either by Fishing yourself or buying from players, since this fish is not in NPC shops.


• Delicious Vegetables – Talk to Laffe
Remember the Vegetable Canape you prepared at Gordon’s Restaurant? Well, just accept this quest and present it to Laffe. Easy peasy, lemon squeazy.
• Diet Menu – Talk to Hiko
Hiko will ask for a Tomato Basil Salad, which you, coincidentally just have in your inventory. :P
• Admiral Owen’s Box – Talk to Monatte
You’ll need to give an Admiral Owen’s Box, which can only be fished at Belfast. Either stock up previously or buy from other players.


Physis – Hillwen Mine
• Hillwen Engineering – Talk to Hector
Actually a simple crafting quest, just make the amount needed. Save the leftover materials for training the skill and Emerald Cores can sometimes be sold to other players.

Physis – Whirlpool Mark
• Red’s Favor – Talk to Spy Red
I usually don’t do this quest, since it requires gathering White Herbs and if you aren’t strong enough Polar Hornets are a hassle. But now, since we can get the Herbs from Festia Conmemorative Boxes, you can stock up on them and add this quest to your daily rotation when you have collected enough.

Connous – Shyllien Nature Reserve
• Magic Craft – Talk to Weiss
Just like its counterpart in Physis: make only the required number of crafts and save the raw materials for later.

Connous – Metus Canyon
• Keeping Cover – Talk to Intelligence Agent
Ok, this one involves fighting…but the Desert Ghost aren’t that hard, so it would prove no problem.

Rano – Qilla Base Camp
• Ruin Discovery – Talk to Alexina
You need to discover 10 relics, so head to the Human Mark. You can discover a path of statues from both sides of it. Use the maps at Mabinogi World Wiki if you have trouble, but in due time, you’ll know the path by heart. If you already have Demigod, you can summon a fast mount and run around Cor Village.

SAGA 7 & 10

Doing these Saga Episodes will give you another Adventure Seal, plus a Saga Reward Box full of goodies if you open it on the right day.
Episode 7 involves no fighting other than a RP Mission where you’ll be Cessair’s Heart with maxed out Gunslinger Skills. Great for newbies with little fighting power.
Episode 10 involves fighting the Cessair, a swarm of Aohnbarrs and Macha herself. Macha is actually a piece of cake, so you only need to watch out for the first two battles. Suggested for stronger characters, it can be done quite fast.

Saga Boxes (the ones that look like CD cases) should be collected throughout the week and opened on Saturday/Sunday in order to maximize the gains from them. You’ll receive more gold, the chance for a transformation medal and Saga coupons to exchange for useful goodies.
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  • AtheranielAtheraniel
    Mabinogi Rep: 715
    Posts: 3
    This is pretty much the way I collect the Adventurers Seal on all my characters. It goes up really quickly.
  • KororeKorore
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,765
    Posts: 667
    Nice Guide!
  • LeineiLeinei
    Mabinogi Rep: 16,015
    Posts: 2,440
    In regard to Gordon's quest, you can also do 100% slice bread for bread crumbs which will qualify if you don't care about the other two food quests. XD
  • GretaGreta
    Mabinogi Rep: 51,765
    Posts: 6,975
    edited January 6, 2017
    About finding 10 relics... Easiest way to find many relics in same place is to run around Cor village. If you have Demigod it's even more easier, all you have to do then is to use fast mount and run. :3
  • ErydanosErydanos
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,295
    Posts: 64
    @Leinei and @Greta

    Thanks for your suggestions! :D I've added them to the guide.
  • ElfvieElfvie
    Mabinogi Rep: 740
    Posts: 42
    edited February 18, 2017
    Here I am doing every single seal quest everyday

    There is legit a LINE of relics, near the human mark, after you get into the moon gate, you'll see a pillar, look on the map, and heard towards the "left toe" of the human mark. You'll get 8 relics in that line.
    The other 2 is in the left toe more towards the south.

    Credit to person who showed this method:

    Landmarks start at 1:27ish
  • NegumikoNegumiko
    Mabinogi Rep: 9,020
    Posts: 1,193
    There is also Dr.Lambert's Errands which can be done in about 10 minutes. (Lambert can be found in the castle looking building in the Muyu Desert.) Rafting is not very difficult with fireball or thunder skills.
  • ElfvieElfvie
    Mabinogi Rep: 740
    Posts: 42
    edited February 26, 2017
    Negumiko wrote: »
    There is also Dr.Lambert's Errands which can be done in about 10 minutes. (Lambert can be found in the castle looking building in the Muyu Desert.) Rafting is not very difficult with fireball or thunder skills.

    I highly recomend thunder! I literarly kill the hobs in the first inital hit/or the actual thunder part.
    And it's only 1 charge vs fireball which takes 5.
    Thunder is also easier to obtain.(In my opinion.)

  • HazurahHazurah
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,370
    Posts: 443
    Extra note for Saga eps 10, It is easier to deal with Macha with smash and sword for bleeding effects that ignore def and protection(?)

    Let's start from the easiest and safest based on the helplessly completely newbie player
    - Nails for stone
    - Magic Craft and Hilwen Engginering
    - Puppet Workshop and Cooking
    - Tomato basil salad and Vegetable canape
    - Admiral box and Marlin fish
    - Ruin Recovery 10x
    this one is easy by chance
    - Gathering (herbs is rather hard, unless you have friends that have herb fields)
    - Shilien and hilwen monster hunt (look for mutant rabbit or emerald hyena)
    - Red's favor (it is not everyday you can get white herb)
    - Commerce (bandit hunt is the easiest and also grant 3000 ducats. While Giving 6000 ducats is a bit off so unless you got enough wealth, don't bother)
  • ElfvieElfvie
    Mabinogi Rep: 740
    Posts: 42
    edited March 5, 2017
    Hazurah wrote: »
    Extra note for Saga eps 10, It is easier to deal with Macha with smash and sword for bleeding effects that ignore def and protection(?)

    Let's start from the easiest and safest based on the helplessly completely newbie player
    - Ruin Recovery 10x
    this one is easy by chance <Like I said, 10 ruins that never change spots...
    - Red's favor (it is not everyday you can get white herb) < I'm not sure if you didn't know about Silva Forest..
    - Commerce (bandit hunt is the easiest and also grant 3000 ducats. While Giving 6000 ducats is a bit off so unless you got enough wealth, don't bother) <You don't GIVE 6,000 ducats, you simply "earn" 6,000 ducats through commercing in one go.

  • 猿仙人_SaruSennin猿仙人_SaruSennin
    Mabinogi Rep: 940
    Posts: 6
    First of all, Very good guide. Here some other dailies that can be done without fighting:
    -Girlfriend for Hicca. Note: you can't complete it alone because you need Human or Elf ages 10-13 (Giants, outrageously, won't do). But if you aren't shy and can ask people to help (unlike me at first -___-'), just ask around.

    -Dr. Lambert's Errands. Pretty much like Negumiko said, he is in a castle-like ruin on a mountain on south muyu desert and all you need to do is to run around a bit then come back to him (run and talk to NPCs).

    -Supply Delivery. Angelina (who you receive the quest from) is in ruins north-east of mana tunnel which is, by chance, closer to Dr. Lambert. you can refer to her or Dailies pages to get the map of all explorers and their routes. All you need is to run around between them and talk to them. if you find the right one, you'll see they saying thanks and quest complete. Tip: Use Ctrl to help you aim at explorers. If you glitched (like me -_-), if you walk with WASD and your mouse is near the explorer, it will aim at them.

    -Gathering. Once a player reaches level or cumulative level of 51, they get the quest and all they need to do is to collect whatever the game asks you to. Tip: if you don't like/think it's too hard to collect, you can give up the quest then change channels/relog, to get a new one until you are satisfied.

    Thanks to wiki for the help, since i am a bit rusty :)
  • LinisterLinister
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,220
    Posts: 65
    Don't forget the area west of the Fillia mana Tunnel for the discovering ruins quest, they are everywhere in a small area around that one visible ruin.
  • HelsaHelsa
    Mabinogi Rep: 21,920
    Posts: 5,102
    I do the six jobs where you just have to hand something to someone: nails, marlin, owen box, tomate basil, vegetable canape and white herb. But I have at least six of my alts do them and transfer the seals via the bank. My main does the fishing, cooking, and gathering, Then I store the stuff on pets for the alts to grab.
  • BobbioBobbio
    Mabinogi Rep: 750
    Posts: 62
    i'd say the easiest place hands down is the one linister suggested, they respawn fast, have more than 10 relics available at a time, and even if there are other people you'd be able to get enough relics yourself with how fast they respawn.
  • ladyroladyro
    Mabinogi Rep: 100
    Posts: 3
    Also in Belvast is Kinu's Revenge. Kinu will ask that you defeat an ogre bandit boss for him. If you are doing the trade adventure seal quest defeat 15 outlaws, you can do this one at the same time.
  • DanievictriaDanievictria
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,695
    Posts: 313
    This is a good list. My top seven for the most Newbie Friendly are:

    1. Weiss at Shyllien Nature Reserve gives you a daily Magic Craft part-time job. You'll be tasked with making one of three low-level magic craft items. Not only is it easy to get the Magic Craft skill (just click on the cauldron near Weiss and, boom), but this will also allow you to level Magic Craft a bit, which adds to your Intelligence stat.

    2. Hector at Hillwen Mine gives you a daily Hillwen Engineering part-time job. Just like with Weiss, you are tasked with making one of three low-level items. Clicking on the work bench automatically gives you the skill you need, and leveling Hillwen Engineering also helps build your intelligence stat.

    3. Gordon at Emain Macha gives you a daily cooking quest. Basically, just cook any food at 3-star quality or higher for him. The easiest food for this quest is Baked Potato because making a 4 or 5-star baked potato is basically a piece of cake. Just build up Cooking to rank F, buy a pot and ladle at the general store, dig up some potatoes (it's good to stockpile a stack of 5-10 for this), buy some salt or pepper, and you're good to go. When cooking your potato, add potato up to the end of the last "d" in the word "add" on the final "add" button on the cooking window, then fill the rest of the bar with either salt or pepper, and you're basically guaranteed a baked potato with a high enough star ranking to finish the quest.

    4. Macaulay in Emain Macha gives a daily part-time job that involves the Handicraft skill. Just buy a Handicraft kit at the general store and learn the skill by reading the book "The World of Handicrafts", which you can get from the bookshop in Dunbarton for just 1000 gold. You need to have the skill learned and a handicraft kit to do the job, but it's really easy. (Pro tip: The Handicraft skill is actually very good for making easy early-game money. Just have the skill, the kit, and a gathering axe. Then, chop a bunch of firewood from some trees and make rolling pins. Rolling Pins sell for 256 gold each at any NPC shop, so that's basically free money right there! Plus, you build a skill that adds to your Dexterity stat too!)

    5. Manolin at Port Cobh gives you a fetch quest for a Striped Marlin. You can fish one up right on the pier in town, or buy one from another player in the auction tab. Either way, it's a pretty easy quest. Plus, the Fishing skill gives you Will, Dexterity, Strength, and Stamina when you level it, so it's not a bad idea to do a little here and there. My big tip is to aim to keep the fish's nose as close to the center of the red box as possible to ensure a catch. Manolin also gives you a shark as a reward along with the adventure seal. Open the shark up and you have a chance to get either food waste or a wood board. Hang on to the wood boards, because they're used for one of the quests to rank your Campfire skill, plus they sell for a lot on the auction board too.

    6. Madoc at Port Cobh gives you a fetch quest for five Large Nails. Easiest way to get these is to go around punching signs.

    7. Dr. Lambert at the big ruins in the Rano Desert gives you a quest to go fetch a whole bunch of stuff for him from three different NPC's. I recommend doing this one last, because it requires you to hop continents a couple of times.

    I've had no problems consistently completing these on fresh, low-level characters with barely any combat ability. I recommend doing the daily dungeon only if it's one that your character can handle without much trouble. For instance, if your character, even at level 123 after completing a memoir, is still seeing the Black Grizzlies near Tara as Boss, stick to Alby and Ciar unless you've got a good friend or two to back you up in the other dungeons. If the Tara Grizzles are Strong or Even with you, then you can move up to running Math and Rabbie. Once you're strong enough to duke it out with the enemies around Black Beach on Belvast solo, then you can dip your tootsies into Barri, Coil, and (depending on your skill set, crew, and preparation) Fiodh. If you have extra AP and cumulative levels from spamming Memoirs to build an AP cushion for training, do not use the NPC dungeon recommendations as a guide, because I've found that they're based on your cumulative level, not your actual CP.

    Happy Seal Hunting!