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how can i change my email to my acc if i lostemail

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edited March 12, 2017 in Help
i can log in to my acc but i messed up in my second password for mabi an i cant get back in an i only really just play mabi n i would like it if nexon would just switch the email for me to one i can log this email i have another acc but if u can delete it an put this one i would apreciate it -removed-

if not just reset my second password so i dont gotta log in to the email cause i cant

forget it got in my email :)


  • KororeKorore
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    I am glad to hear you have resolved your issue, however I have removed your email from your original post due to safety reasons. You don't want anyone to know your account's email.

    In the future, if this happens again, you'll have to contact Customer Support for assistance in resolving these issues.