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Elf buff for Strength and debuff for intelligence?


  • BlissfulkillBlissfulkill
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    I am not sure about the idea of magic supremacy. For me, magic is pretty powerful as a talent, if but for the 5 minute aoes of Fireball and instant kill Lightning Rod, but from my experience, nevermind the chaincasting firebolt, or the satanic use of casting speed reforges.

    I am going to talk about Ice Spear, and I must isn't as useful as you muggles think it is. Besides killing and freezing other enemies, often weaker enemies, it halves damage if the target if the target is frozen by ice spear. First of all, Ice Spear doesn't do enough damage to justify the initial hit, and is more known for its freeze effect which works 100% on enemies that can be frozen. This is useful in some circumstances, but in situation like teamplay, this is a major hindrance, more so in spam if anything else. It does have it uses, sure, but it is more situational.

    In any case, the mp is negligible, even with the considerable spam that can be ice spear.
  • ZeoZeo
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    Zeo wrote: »
    I'm going to agree with Kage on this issue... it is nice that elves get more str and will from the new passive skill but... the gap for Int isn't that huge between elves and Giants... and now giants will be the best race to use magic because they get more Int boost from the skill... lol.

    Also, I saw that someone took a screenshot where it was stated that elves is the best race for archery and magic... I'd like to point the Hermit Staff's description where the ancient elves used it... heck, elves are able to use bow/wand to use Magic Missile skill in transformation too!

    Right. Every race has access to magic and can all be equally great at it (for sake of argument). The part about elves being 'specialists' in magic is a moot point when everyone can do it and imps can pull off Hide yet can be targetable lol

    As for bow/wand for Elven Magic Missile, this is a useless/pointless 'perk' considering the skill's damage is greater with wands than bow, and it's not a reliable damage skill. There are a few people who say EMM can deal op damage, which was a fabricated lie. While they give the (same) nice effects as Int magic, its far more efficient to actually use the Int magic skills themselves over EMM. If elves were true masters of magic, you'd be seeing at the very least, ice freeze chain effect when Ice element is used due to elves' affinity for Ice Spear. I don't think we'd need that, might as well freeze one target with archery. Oh wait that's Spider/Web Shot. Hmmm...well, can't hit the target while they're trapped more than once. Spider shot's purpose is to help the sniper rather than the warrior, its 2ndary use is to hold enemies down. Others are used to this but it's such a chore to keep switching equpiment for other AOE/trap skills like shadow bind, then sand blast, puppet bind. At best, I can use rage impact as well, but thats what stun/AOE pets are for =P

    Yep! It is why I was very disappointed when the melee renovation actually did something to help improve the Giant Full Swing skill for the giants to use but they didn't even touch the Elven Magic Missile during the archery renovation. :( If KR Mabi does do the elves revamp after giant revamp (if they ever do it)... I actually hope they'll do something to make Elven Magic Missile a viable skill to use!
  • NilremNilrem
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    There isn't anything for me to say that has not already been said in this topic, but...
    I played elf for years, and pretty much ignored archery entirely because it was just so absurdly difficult to afford.
    The entire line of thought went "Why spend countless millions on archery and reforges when I can spend next to nothing and get similar damage with magic, complete with a quality staff for far less?"

    The passive buff also is not bad in any way, it just might seem strange to some. I won't ever complain about free stats, especially when the majority of the game is effortlessly easy with the only difficulties being limited to things like Phantasm.

    Although I did eventually get tired of being an elf, and bought an Elite Hero Card to become a Giant.
    I have never experienced such joys before, and I want to know where they have been all this time.

    TL;DR: Choice of main combat talent can come down to how rich you are, and magic is very affordable and usable by all races.
    In fact, pretty much everything is more affordable than archery. Even CRK swords.
  • SetsurinSetsurin
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    the thing that most people I've read seem to think is that elf primary traits are getting debuffed. this is not true. if you read the racial skills description, they are just getting less of a buff is all. the racial skills buffs are to give a more balanced gameplay regardless of race. elves are naturally the weakest race, physically, and yet you often see them running around with swords. why run around with swords if they can't really do much damage with them. hell, elves even have their own racial sword and bow. what's the point of having a racial close range weapon unless it can truly be useful?
  • justshowingjustshowing
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    hi. sorry i'm popping into this chat randomly.
    i just wanted to give everyone my feedback on this update as a level 13k elf player.

    i really enjoy it!
    i understand elves will never be accepted in pvp unless they use mainly close combat but it's ok to me now.

    reguarding about elves use with magic
    Elves speciallize in magic through ice type skills. they use the least in ice spear charges and ice bolt. making it near infinite use long as the elf use ice spells as a beginner. when your elf is OP then go ham on magic.

    my thoughts on the racial updates
    1) humans having speed is fine to me because they have final hit. its broken lol

    2) giants have strength and weapon speed up with there racial update. im able to bash with slow weapons so would that mean i could bash with a very slow weapon if i had a level 100 giant? aka: bashing with a broad axe?

    3) i feel like this update is pretty op, maybe broken for elves while the skill is active? 100% aim percent and 400% aim speed. is pretty nice when you pair it with ice bolt or mirage missile to slow down targets.
  • BlissfulkillBlissfulkill
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    For giants to be equal in intelligence, there is essentially no difference in the magic skills attained and how they are used.

    I am not even sure what the point of giving us more strength is. We cannot dual wield weapons that will give bash enhancements only in pairs. (Soluna Sword with its bash enhancement is out the question.) We do not have a lot of skills, including Lance combat, Final Hit, Stomp, Wind Guard, the ability to wear most Heavy Armor.

    I'd argue that Elves with sufficient Strength can bash well enough, but the damage is not negligible. Still pretty OP for an infinite stun.
  • AlmostNotsuperAlmostNotsuper
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    I am not even sure what the point of giving us more strength is.

    Hybrid talents. "Elves suck because hybrid talents all rely on STR and elves don't have as much."; this was probably an attempt to equalize that. Not as good as making a Dex/Int hybrid talent, but it's something.

    Honestly though, if that really was their main reason for doing this, I think it would've been better to just change dual guns or puppets to scale off dex/int and call it even.