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Some Mabinogi one-liners.

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edited December 19, 2016 in General Chat
Here's some, a few simple and a few more complicated, that I've thought of at leisure. I'll leave it to you to solve them! Bear in mind that our pronunciation of some words may be different, as I'm not entirely sure how some of them are supposed to be.

1. I would've got the final hit, but I couldn't reach it from here.

2. I was going to cast some strong ice magic, but my party members reacted so explosively moments after I mentioned it.

3. The mages needed to create a solution for their MP problems, but they couldn't find the inspiration.

4. Ruairi was thinking about the people that he has failed, when a tree on a hill nearby collapsed.

5. Dorren thought her steam oven was fine, until its' heat busted and a flame burst from the top.

6. My friends think the macarena is a destructive, but godly dance.

7. They tried to figure out why my mount is so strong when near me, but they couldn't find the link.

8. The thought of transforming Cor Village into walled area made Donald Trump's toupée flutter.

9. The ants wanted to engineer a retaliation on the aardvark, but they don't like to leave their ant hill when it's dangerous.

10. The milletian thought they had given the goddess enough help, until they were asked for more again.

Also, here's a meme:

Your bard friends after the MusicQ update be like
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    10. 10
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