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S>Stuff, Gear, and Buying Stuffs :D

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edited May 20, 2017 in Mari Marketplace
S>Stuff in Housing

DK Helmet FH Cooldown lvl 16 (sold)
DK Helmet Bolt Mastery Damage lvl 18
DK Guants lvl 20 range Kunai Storm, Lullaby target 3 sleep, hand of chaos lvl 4
DK Guants lvl 20 shock range, Crash Shot Frag Damage lvl 20, Wing of rage range lvl 16
DK Guants lvl 19 windguard duration, flameburst attack range, 17 def 1

Buying #330000 Dyes 800k each
Buying Red Ups 70k each
B>Artisan Removals 300k each
B>Awakened Strength Fragment 2m

Note/Add Michi