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Returning Player? Looking For an Active Community?

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Hey guys, I'm a player volunteer from one of Mabinogi's largest player-hosted, unofficial community Discord servers and I want to welcome you to our community!

Are you new or returning? Ever wanted to be a part of a non-official, player-hosted, Mabinogi community filled with players from Steam, and all servers on Mabinogi, that's actually active?
If so, then come check out the Mabinogi Alliance Discord Group!


About Us
The Mabinogi Alliance Discord server is a player-ran community full of players from ALL servers in NA Mabinogi, including a few players from KR. It's a great community for players of Mabinogi and for Nexon games in general, but you're not required to play to join, simply stick around as a guest!
This is an extremely active and vibrant community filled with an all-volunteer player staff, and fully-functional voice channels, roles, fun bots, and much, much more!
We've been around for going on close to two years strong with nearly 600+ active members and are growing each day. We hope to see you soon!

What's Discord? How do I Download?
Hey guys, wake-up call, it's 2017 and if you're new or you've just been living under a rock, Discord is a third-party communication application that's both browser-based and available for download as an app. It's just like Skype, Teamspeak, or a Vent - only better. You can organize your own Guild, or information group, or even just a personal group of close friends. You can create bots to join your server to help organize it, play games, listen to music, and much more. It's pretty much the coolest thing out there and it's a MUST-HAVE for all gamers.

You can sign up or download it here:

Enjoy guys, and hey, thank you. Hope to see you there.

@Volunteer Staff of Mabinogi Alliance
**Edit: Looks like my post was edited to remove the link. I've updated the link with the actual Discord invite - it's permanent! I'll be bumping from time to time.
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