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Stuff for sale

Mabinogi Rep: 1,015
Posts: 56
edited April 10, 2017 in Mari Marketplace
Claimh Solas Trans Medal
Royal Crystal Wing Bow pre r1
Carnelian Hummingbird Wings
Citrine Twinkling Cupid Wings
Royal Crystal Wing Staff pre r1
Pure White Metal Dye x2
Pure White Cloth Dye
Debonair Groom's Gloves
Butterfly Suit Hat (M) x2 1pink 1 blue
Chain Mastery TP
Charging Strike TP
Somersault Kick TP
Spinning Uppercut TP
Royal Crystal Wing Sword Appearance Scroll x3
Lich Barbarian Royal Pumpkin Rapier
Wolf Hunters Energetic Long Bow
Devil Slayer
Elatha Puppet
Bohemian Hat (F) 2 magnum
Bohemian Shoes (F) 1 magnum 2 support
Liberty Saber +1 defense and pre r1
Bunny Ribbon Suit
Frog Umbrella
Clear Umbrella
Twinkle Star Umbrella
Crude Clear Umbrella
Sky Dragon Wear (M)
Sky Dragon Shoes (M)
Waffle Wizard Hat
Waffle Wizard Shoes
Untamed Spike Devil Slayer
Accepting offers on everything, i will add more items soon
either leave a message on here or note Shadowtivani