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Take a deep breath everyone

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in General Chat
A lot of people have been upset lately - and i just wanna bring up all the topics in a general sense and kinda smooth it over with ways to keep ourselves positive.

-Some of the issues i see posted or happening in mabinogi im sure you know you can submit a ticket and also be on the alert to capture evidence.
- Remember your worries matter, but make sure to not lower yourself to the issue at hand.- that when promoting a issue stay positive and understanding.
- Remember that mabinogi has always had major and minor issues. Now some people think minor issues may be a major issues to other (vice versa) - and all is accountable for. But to stay positive, make sure to focus on the subject that really feels to you is important.- But do not let it consume you.
- Their are many options to go about something in mabinogi.- many channels, many people, and also the option to "do it yourself" - sorta- speech.-
- It may not feel fair if someone does what they plz, But know you can do what you like as well.- and dont forget if the other player giving a issue you feel is important, remember to send a ticket, etc. - but again dont let it hurt you. The more you give into it will not make the process of fixing it any faster.- keep yourself a safe positive distance.- dont let it consume you.
- Not everything mabinogi does is fair (and i say this with the least amount of support) - how ever really go back and re-think "major or minor issue?"

Now saying all that. take a deep breath....
A lot of people are just not plainly heard in mabinogi, a lot of people dont feel heard, i dont feel heard.(personally) - and everyone concerned.
-stay positive :* <3
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  • XiokunXiokun
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    edited April 11, 2017
    Thank you, people needed this a lot. Furthermore, I want to add this.

    I'm sure people know in threads there are people who will make a post that has an opinion you don't agree with. If this happens respond respectfully. You don't have to agree but just respond with respect to the other person. If an argument happens, arguements are okay as long as they're pertaining to the thread and aren't directed to be a personal attack. Heated arguements towards one another leads to derailment and closed threads. It doesn't matter who started the arguement; if you continue to talk about the topic that's not on subject to the thread it will get closed. Forum moderators read every word of what we say and look forward to our posts and it can be disheartening for them to have to close it and disheartening to everyone else who actually liked he topic of the thread. Be kind to one another and keep this in mind. :)

    I wanted to throw this in here because of you talking about everyone calming down. Not only should people calm down about Mabinogi in general but what people's opinion are about it.
  • KimberlyKimberly
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    Woah what's happening? Just came back but this sounds serious AF. Is everyone getting hacked or something right now?
  • XiokunXiokun
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    Kimberly wrote: »
    Woah what's happening? Just came back but this sounds serious AF. Is everyone getting hacked or something right now?

    No. Just addressing all the heated moments in threads.
  • dowiedowie
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    edited April 11, 2017
    always remember nexon is garbage and to vent on reddit on an alt account (in case nexon decides to ban they'll end up banning whoever you impersonate) so you don't get banned on official forums :D
  • LeineiLeinei
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    Remember to take a deep breath for all of those dealing with final projects and exams around this time or anyone who is just stressed out in general! And remember to take care of yourself! If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a walk, make your favorite food or watch your favorite show! (\(^_^)/)
  • TNinjaTNinja
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    Hate everyone equally
  • BerryswirlBerryswirl
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    Such a (mostly) warm and fuzzy supportive thread.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    TNinja wrote: »
    Hate everyone equally


    -pat pat-