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how to reforges & enchants

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Mabi wiki doesn't say and i need specific details in how to do it. I don't know how, I got red and blue upgrade stones but no idea on how to use them? Help!


  • MizumieMizumie
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    Your title makes me think that you have a few things that you're confused on, so I'll try to explain each of them as much as I can.

    Red and blue upgrade stones are used for special upgrading.
    You need to upgrade a weapon 5 times, and then get the gem upgrade. After that, you can use either the red or blue upgrade stone on the item at a special upgrade anvil.
    Doing these upgrades costs gold and one of the stones, and it may fail. When you fail, your item will go down a special upgrade rank. Example, Blue upgraded 2 staff, I fail at upgrading it to 3, and it goes back down to blue upgrade level 1. When your weapon is special upgrade 5, attempting to upgrade it to 6, and failing, results in the item being destroyed instead of de-leveled.

    Reforging allows you to add different effects on your weapons/armor/accessories. If a piece of equipment is unreforged, you have to buy a reforging tool from a general shop for 5,000 gold. This will give your item a reforge rank at the bottom, usually r3, and 1-3 lines of effects. The number of effects can only be increased through the use of Credne's reforging tools from the NX shop. Once an item has its first reforge, you can increase its reforge rank and reset the current effects it gives by using a fine reforging tool, or a similar tool such as a fine reforge tool plus, which is available only during events.
    Rank 3 is the lowest rank an equipment's reforge rank can be, with 1 being the highest rank. Each of these ranks unlocks different level thresholds for the effects that are applied. An example. a rank 3 staff can only give level 5 magic attack, but a rank 1 staff can give up to level 20 magic attack.
    Here is a list of the different possible reforges, their effects, what they apply to, etc. along with some more information.

    Enchanting allows you to use magic powder and an enchant scroll to apply effects onto a piece of equipment. The success rate is influenced by the quality of the magic powder used, and the rank of the scroll being used. Higher ranked enchants require previous enchants to be on the equipment, unless stated otherwise. For example, a rank 5 enchant requires the equipment to have a rank 6 enchant on it, which requires a rank 7 enchant, and so on. This does not apply for enchants rank A and lower, or enchant scrolls that say "Enabled regardless of rank.". Failure to enchant an item results in the gear losing durability, the enchant scroll losing durability, and if the enchant scroll is ranked 6 or above, the equipment may be entirely destroyed from a failed attempt to enchant. <--- Link to the enchanting page on the wiki.

    I hope this helped~