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Is there really no way for Mabi..

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in Technical Support
to fix their damn lag? So. I just end Mabi using task manager after being stuck in Conflict Elite (of all difficulty, why does it have to be elite). To make it worst, I was using potent fine shadow crystal. I have no idea how much gold did I lost, but it's at least 100k. I came back to find my party was gone, and after waiting about 30 minutes attempted to start another conflict with a party up, I gave up and quit. It was annoying to say the least especially when I just wanted to have one last run. This isn't the first time I lost hundreds of k because of the log out penalty due to lag.

Mabi is like the laggiest game I have ever played. Why can't they ever fix it?


  • FeliceFelice
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    What region do you live in?
  • badnewsbarrettbadnewsbarrett
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    Not really a "fix" exactly but you could also try playing with names turned off if you don't already/try turning down some of the game settings a bit and see if that helps?
  • TsumukuTsumuku
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    While it is understandable to be agitated by poor performance, there is really a way to approach this more rationally. To determine if this is something that Nexon can fix, it really depends on what type of lag you're talking about.
    If it is network based, that is really not something that is within their control. If it is frame rate, that is not something that is with their control. If it is server based, they already have a pretty good solution to that letting you know what channels are full/busy.
    In Alexina there are a lot of people that will start to complain about lag on Channel 1, and not even attempt to change channels. If they did, they may be pleasantly surprised to find that it isn't as laggy.
    If you had to close the game through Task Manager that really sounds like a problem on your computer, and not something with Nexon directly.
  • GretaGreta
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    The OP salt is real.
  • AlmostNotsuperAlmostNotsuper
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    It really is sad how inefficient this game is. It looks like crap, still runs terribly. Understandably frustrating, but not likely to be fixed.

    I guess they just think it's too much work for too little reason. Or maybe they really don't know how to optimize it at this point.
  • TsumukuTsumuku
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    @AlmostNotsuper The game isn't poorly optimized, though that would be a good excuse for it's poor performance. It's issues come from the fact that during it's development Single Core, Single Thread computers with massively pipeline cores were the norm, and processor performance was still far greater than graphic card performance . That means that a lot of the tasks in the game are pushed through your processor, and very little of the GPU is used.
    Right now, most computers that are being sold are relying on parallelism to increase their efficiency and performance. This can be seen by comparing a Pentium 4 with modern budget processors. When you're running a task that only uses one thread, the Pentium 4 is still a decent performer, especially if you don't need many branch predictions as you'd be able to utilize the Pentium 4's massive pipeline (Thanks NetBurst ~.~) . If you compare it to a $200-$250 laptop from today you'll see that the Celeron or Atom that is in that machine is still slower on the single thread performance.
    That difference in processor architecture, combined with changes to Window's thread scheduling is really the underlying cause for Mabi's performance.
    It is easy to just say they need to optimize it, or move it to a new engine, it becomes far more difficult to do that. For the technology that was available at the time of development, Mabinogi does very well.
    If this is too long, then all you need to know is, buy an Intel processor with a high clock speed, overclock it if you can, and you'll get decent performance.