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Very Annoying Launcher Issue

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in Technical Support
So since the recent update I have this very annoying issue with the Nexon Launcher. When I log out of my account (I play on two accounts, one Mari and one Alexina) the launcher disappears, Which I know is normal. How ever when I go to open the launcher again to log into my other account, it will not boot up, which means the only way to launch it is to restart my laptop. It pops up in my task manager and I close it like that and try to reopen but it still doesn't pop up. This is becoming very annoying because I have to restart my computer atleast twice a day.


  • ShinoryoshuShinoryoshu
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    What it could be is that the nexon launcher is still "running" in the background. I tend to find it doing so after I exit out of the game and launcher. The next time you exit out use your task manager to check to see if the launcher is still running, if so then that could be why. It won't launch if its still running in the background even if it shouldn't be running it sometimes will be.