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Buying NX

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in Technical Support
I'm having a problem using my credit card.I have been using this card for a long time and it always worked until the maintenance of 4/26. I get a message error code 60005. Would that maintenance be the problem. I have been playing mabinogi for over 9 years and never had this problem before.I am a guild leader and because of this issue.I wasn't able to buy VIP package Now my guild is locked, and stone is gone which was the biggest guild stone . How can i correct this problem, Please Help. I did go and brought a Karma Koin using the same credit card so i know its not in my card. ty


  • KororeKorore
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    Submit a ticket to Customer Support with the error code, or you can try their live chat option.
  • TsumukuTsumuku
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    edited April 26, 2017
    I have had this problem, and found it to be related to using adblock on my browser. It may be worth trying to disable any extensions you have that block ads, or trying another browser.

    With Adblock:
    Without Adblock:

    It is also recreatable if you modify they Document Object Markup (DOM) while you're trying to perform any transaction on So if this doesn't clear it for you, it may be worth while to run an anti-virus (Avira and Avast to name some top tier and free software) and anti-malware (MalwareBytes or Spybot S&D to name a couple) to ensure you're not being attacked by anything nasty. Beyond that, it can also be an ISP related issue, and that is most likely something that you're going to have to look for alternatives with (VPN, purchase by other means). I've seen this with Frontier Communication, when they were injecting their own ads into sites.