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intel's k series ain't for overclocking

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in Town Square
someone make a proper post, why dont we have one of these where the nerds @


  • SherriSherri
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    U w0t
  • TsumukuTsumuku
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    There are "proper nerds" as you refer to it, however they know what is and understand that the Mabinogi Community isn't the best place to talk about their builds and clocks. To the majority of people that play this game, overclocking might as well be the same thing that occurred in the 80's with the oversized clock necklaces intended to make fun of fashion. It's also not to be expected that there are going to be a lot of people owning high-end hardware within the community as it is a Free to Play game requiring very little to play. This is why you seem many screenshots that horrible 1366x768 resolution, taken from fairly average laptops that generally are using Intel Integrated or Optimus paired with a low end X50m. Why would you expect to find people who actually want to talk about Intel's K sku here?