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Mabinogi? More like Jenga.

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in Town Square
This game is like a Jenga tower, you keep adding things to the top and forget about the issues at the bottom. Eventually it'll come toppling down on you.


  • HazurahHazurah
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    your point is?
    I know it's important to do more than just complain when there's something you don't like. You need to try to do something about it, or you're nothing but a whiner.
  • TsumukuTsumuku
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    edited May 14, 2017
    Amelina, it isn't clear what underlying issues you are referring to with the game when you make such a vague statement as "Mabi is Jenga". From my vantage point it is as though you are joining the "Mabinogi is bad. Mabinogi is dying" bandwagon without understanding the issues that are being brought up within those groups. I am not going to tell people that they're not entitled to their opinions, however most people that I've heard talking about failures by Nexon concerning Mabinoig don't do so in a technical manor, and very rarely is there a proposed solution. Being from a more technical background, I would say that it is advisable to state your issue with the game, state what you believe to be the cause of the issue with some sort of connection to validate that, and suggest what you would like to see as an outcome.
    Problem: While playing Mabinogi on Ch1 Alexina during peak hours skills are commonly effected by high latency, which seems to be server sided.
    Cause: I'm unable to determine the exact cause, however network latency for Ch1 remains the same as other channels. When the high latency is experienced, it is experienced by everyone in the party, which spans a large geographical area. The evidence points toward server related issues.
    Network latency was measured by measuring the time it takes for a response to arrive after an outgoing TCP packet with the destination of {Server IP}:{Server Port} was seen.
    Outcome: More investigation into this matter performed by someone who has the ability to analyze the server configuration and hardware utilization. If necessary a reduction in channel capacity would be acceptable.

    Something like that makes it seem as though you're more willing to help with the issue rather than just place blame. This approach allows the staff at Nexon to undergo the same process you took to get the result and gives them what you're looking for as an end result. It's very difficult to take responsibility for an issue, if there is no way to recreate it, and it's very had to find a course to a destination when one is not specified. There is an excellent write-up on this entitled How To Ask Questions The Smart Way and can be found on This is seen as a go to for most Technical fields and something that most senior technical staff will look for when hiring new members to their team.