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⚡   Ɓutterƅeer is recruiting!     ☆ ☽

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edited March 26, 2018 in Guild and Party Recruitment

This is a casual guild for mature players who want...
  • to chat every now and then.
  • a guild for newbies. WE LOVE ADOPTING NEWBIES!
  • help with quests and stuff.
  • to be in a guild but you're a busy adult with a life outside of mabi, and can't meet 'active guild requirements'. But still wanna hang out.
  • people to do dailies and random SM/dungeons with.
  • to do Alban runs
  • to do Martial Arts
  • and really loves harry potter. (not required. but brownie points.)
  • to hang out with cool people. We're awesome.

We also have a Discord!
  1. No begging for gold/items.
  2. No drama
  3. You can leave and come back as much as you want.
  4. We do remove people who have been inactive for over 12 weeks, but you are always welcome back!

The guild stone is located just outside Tara Moongate, the one you use to get to Shadow Missions.
PM or Note "Kidy" or "Malibarry" (IGN's) with any questions. Or post here, we will try and get back to you ASAP.


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