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Selling/Buying Things

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edited August 8, 2017 in Tarlach Marketplace
♥ - I Really Want It
IGN: Ketty (Note Me Anytime)

S> Rurutie Wiggling Eears
Turkish Blue Twinkling Wings
SAO Asuna Uniform
Ruffled Halter Negligee
Abyssal Burn Item
Fluffy Nekone Tail

B> Eluned Mortellos Pitch Black Uniform (15-20m)
Meryl Wig (F) 5m (Best Guess)♥
Succubus Boots (Black Or Regular) 3m
Hebona Robe 1.5m
Ronin Outfit (M) 2.5m
Dowra Hair Coupon (F) 2m
Sailor Bikini 2-3m