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LF>discord server for tarlach

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in Tarlach Chat
thank you <3


  • ParadoxLostParadoxLost
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    edited May 31, 2017
    Tho Tarlach can be pretty toxic sometimes, so a word to the wise, do your best to stay out of arguments if you find yourself a server, and don't participate in drama. Drama breeds more drama in this community. Not defaming or anything here, I've been with Tarlach for 2 years or so now and I love, just remember to pick and choose your battles~
  • HakaichiHakaichi
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    edited May 31, 2017
    I started my own Discord Server for a Guild I'm planning to make. You're free to join if you want become a member of my Soon to be Guild!
    I'm just waiting on the Guild option on the website to be fixed so that I can lean the guild i'm in currently, The owner doesn't have VIP :/

    There's only a few people and it's not too too active yet but I hope for that to change and grow.
  • EpademicEpademic
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    edited June 5, 2017
    Hello Akira, My name is INocturne, I currently host one of the more then likely Tarlach server Discords, You're more then welcome to use it as your own risk, however do keep in mind there are set rules to be followed. After reading them, PM Me with your IGN (Active / Past Character) And i'll more then happily advance your rank to access other channels. Thank you.