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Massive Lag Spikes?


  • ZeoZeo
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,030
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    While I did experience most of the lag on market channel (which would be ch1 on Alexina)... I did switch to different channels and I still experience lag occasionally there though not as bad compared to the market channel.
  • hontoowarihontoowari
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    Buffalos wrote: »
    hontoowari wrote: »
    I find it happens in other channels too (Tarlach), and the suggestion to CC isn't too helpful. We have people like me who make money through shops, and we have other who play for the social aspect. Having this trade off is why people have left this game before.

    I wasn't exactly suggesting CCing: just wanted to know if this issue was on other channels because I haven't seen it off of my server's market channel. If it's happening on all channels, that's a serious server issue. If it's exclusive to a market channel, that's still a serious server issue but one that you can work around until they fix it.
    I understand not wanting to close a shop, but if you're going to let a personal shop make you suffer through actually unplayable lag then you should probably consider only opening shops when you don't plan on running stuff.

    Problem is I and a lot of my friends run things and have a shop. So we would suffer either way. I;m just upset that NX refuses to keep us updated when most everything is fine in Asia. Pretty soon all of us are going to have to choose to have a shop or play the actual game. We won't be able to have both. Then will come the combustion.