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Glitching Outside Map Bounds

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edited December 23, 2016 in Bugs and Glitches
I've accidentally glitched past the invisible walls bounding the Osna Sail map.
This happened as I was commercing between Emain Macha and Dunbarton and triggered some bandits. Then I used windmill to defend my stuff, and lo and behold, a Giant Bandit glitched outside of the normally pathable area. I tried to kill it, as I didn't want to wait I-don't-know-how-long for it to despawn. As normal skills apparently couldn't reach it, I used Doppelganger to be able to attack it. As a result, I'm now stuck outside the normal area due to Doppelganger teleporting me beyond the invisible walls.
I expected for this bug to not occur, as in, I would not be stuck outside of the normal map area. This could have happened in a many ways: the invisible walls for maps could have been one way, as in you can't get past them but you can walk back onto the map; NPCs can't glitch beyond these boundaries, players can't get beyond these boundaries; any characters beyond the boundary is automatically placed back onto the map in the nearest location, just to name a few possible solutions.

I will attach a link to a video of me walking around outside the normal map area once I have it uploaded.

IGN: Jamesliu
Server: Tarlach

If a GM/Admin sees this post soon, I would appreciate it if they could place me back onto the map, as I don't want to risk losing a whole bunch of ducats by logging out then using some other teleport method to get back onto the map.


  • KttyKtty
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    edited December 23, 2016
    You should use the live chat to see if they can get you back on right now. Otherwise you will need to submit a support ticket to have them do it. GM's don't read these. These get forwarded to code monkeys.
  • CheeezburgerCheeezburger
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    Apparently, although doppelganger can get you outside of map bounds, it cannot get you back inside map bounds, as monsters within bounds cannot be targeted for ability use.
  • ZincathonZincathon
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    Try playing dead in a way that you would be moved back into the map. Some colliders (who knows why it's only some) let you force your way through them, but not walk through them.
  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    edited January 8, 2017
    I had something like this happen once (a few years ago) while in Screenshot Mode at Maiz Prairie. I had used Final Hit on a group and went right through the mountain. I realize you are probably not stuck there anymore (at least I hope the hell not, lol) but, I wonder if a Friend (very close by; like, next to your wagon) with a Friend Summon Capsule, might be able to save you from such a predicament; if and when it ever happens again. I didn't think of it back then; and using a wing, or using continent warp wasn't a big problem, like it is during commerce.☺


    On the subject of why some colliders let you force your way through them, but not walk through them.

    It depends on both the 3D Object and the type of collider used on said object. In this case, our 3D Object is an Invisible Wall.☺

    While the Pleione and Unity game engines are worlds apart; They are not much different with respect to 3D Objects and colliders.

    Here's an example (in Unity) showing the [Collision Boundaries] of [a 3D Cube vs. a 3D Plane] and [Box vs. Mesh] colliders. ☺

    I adjusted the scale of the 3D Cube to match the dimensions of a default scale 3D Plane. (both have a Rotation of X 90° for our wall).

    A scale adjusted "3D Cube" with a "Box Collider'': (strong)
    A scale adjusted "3D Cube" with a "Mesh Collider'': (weak)
    A default scale ''3D Plane" with a "Box Collider'': (strong)
    A default scale ''3D Plane" with a "Mesh Collider'': (very weak)

    In both cases, a "Box Collider" would be the better option, as it has no seams on the surface and is (if we were rendering a mesh) less cpu intensive than a "Mesh Collider". In the case of an 'Invisible Wall', it may not matter as much (in terms of cpu intensity), and I'm not 100% certain of whether or not Pleione even supports a "Box Collider", but in any case, the example above shows how weak a "Mesh Collider" is when used on different 3D Objects. If I had to guess, I'd say the majority (or all) of the colliders in Mabinogi are "Mesh Colliders". ☺