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Nicca (NPC) not giving me the Final Hit quest

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edited July 15, 2017 in Help
I talk to Nicca with the Twin Sword keyword, and at first he says,

"I found traces of Twin Swords in the artifacts which were discovered in Iria, but whoever is holding Twin Swords, apparently becomes a very powerful warrior."

Then I click Continue and he says,

"Wait... Seems like you're working on another skill, though. Once you've mastered that skill, or if you decide to quit your training in that skill, then come back to see me. Let's look into Twin Swords again then."

I've tried many different things to try to fix this and I'm just getting really impatient. I don't know what to do. I really need the Final Hit skill. Please please help me on how to get Nicca to give me the dang Final Hit quest <:U
My current talent is Skilled Warrior, if that helps.


  • MatchlightMatchlight
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    Older skill quests were designed so you could only hold one at a time. Look through your skill quests and see if you have anything that requires the completion of a book; Arrow Revolver, Fireball, Shock, etc. If you have any of those quests you'll need to either complete them or give them up before you can work on the Final Hit quest.
  • JapauliJapauli
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    Thank you T0T