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Pheo's Unpredictable Freebie Hut

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edited July 22, 2017 in Art Creations
Hi, i failed badly at my last freebie thread (Sorry to those who didn't get theirs) so let's try this again. I'm gonna try to draw one person every day (No guarantees tho), because i haven't drawn consistently in three years or so. Yay school takes up all my time, but I don't want to completely lose art in my life. :'( I used to love it but now I just don't do it. So help me! Post refs of your characters here and I'll draw them! This freebie hut is unpredictable and is subject to the author disappearing for months like the last one lol

Finished Freebies all in one organized location!:
Roelette (for art trade): 9/22

Nothing: 9/21

Mikitisue: 9/20

Fairyvoice: 9/19

Rii: 9/18

Qmiko: 9/17