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Important PSA: 100% repair is (kinda) VERY GOOD!


  • clonedstarsclonedstars
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    Blortad wrote: »

    -double checks wiki- wait... So you've been able to get 99% our of 97 npcs this whole time? Jesus christ, iv wasted so much gold on edern... I thought blessing only gave +1%.

    So in conclusion then, (97% + blessing) > 100% > (98% + blessing), meaning as long as you pay attention and don't accidentally repair at 97 unblessed, that 1% difference that I was unaware of the existence of was literally what broke the math just enough for it to even out damn close to exactly, with a very slight favor toward 97%, which I didn't even give a chance as a candidate. So in effect, If you hate searching shops or things like hammers, go ahead and use 100% because its not a HUGE overall difference, but otherwise use blessed 97 and just pretend 98 doesn't exist.

    For weapons with similar costs as a vanilla CRK (17k at 98%) yes, though arguments could be made that 98% could still be slightly better than 100% if you can find 1.5m or lower hammers consistently (1.7m per failed point value). For anything with higher costs, avoid 100% like the plague. Lower costs, 100% is fine.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    Blortad wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »
    We have a savant here.

    Im going to assume thats sarcasm, just more of this...

  • lceCreamlceCream
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    edited July 21, 2017
    Final hit uses no dur. As long as you don't leave it on and afk, you shouldn't be repairing it that often. Also if you're planning on using bash, people get melody step first. Some are also VIP so they get more dura loss reduction
  • 암호암호
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    Savante wrote: »
    I still approve of the repair renewal since now I can actually keep my r6 shuriken from dying since for some reason, every blacksmith in Uladh has started to follow the cult of Ferghus and started breaking it non-stop.

    That's why you should let the Elves (Meles) repair them :)
  • TheDumbOneTheDumbOne
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    Posts: 342
    my maid gives 99% repair. but she still messes up on blessed equipment. Ive had her since the First time maids came out.... and.... from then she has only failed two times... (not counting the fact most of my outfits never need constant repairs like weapons and armor/battle equips)

    We know mabinogi percentage factors r very much unique....
  • KazukixdKazukixd
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    edited July 21, 2017
    All of these numbers at 99% are purely the hypothetical result of continual repair. It is not guaranteed that in the span of 100 repairs (at 99%) one of those repairs will be a failure, nor is it guaranteed that 99 of those repairs are successes. If you want to secure durability then you definitely want to go with 100%. If you want to risk losing points of durability whilst saving money then go for the cheaper 97% repair + blessing option. It is all personal preference.

    Fun fact, in 100 repairs at 99%, there is a 63.4% chance of losing a point of durability.
    At 1000 repairs it is almost guaranteed that you will lose a point of durability at 99.995%. :D