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Is having multiple accounts/mules actually allowed

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I have read a lot about people using multiple accounts or what they call mules to take advantage of events. Read a post that a GM respond to support ticket saying it's okay but it is a post from 2010. So is it actually allowed?


  • LiyenLiyen
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    Why not?
  • FroglordFroglord
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    edited December 25, 2016
    It's a grey area.

    If you're multiboxing on the same computer to take a dump on conflict and/or crowd certain things, then yes it's against the rules.

    But if you have another computer, and log onto that one with another account, it's technically alright. It's also alright if you log off one account and switch to another, but you have to go through the nexon launcher now to relog which takes a while to do.
  • ShouKShouK
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    Froglord said:

    It's also alright if you log off one account and switch to another, but you have to go through the nexon launcher now to relog which takes a while to do.
    So it is okay if I keep switching between accounts by logging on and off within minutes on the same day? Is this confirmed because I dont want to get banned for doing this o.o

    Also, is it okay if I use mule accounts to transfer stuff to my main account? Like transferring event stuffs for example.
  • DaktaroDaktaro
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    as far as i knew you could have multiple accounts and log them on different computers or one at a time yeah
    just multiclienting on the same computer is bad
    idk about trading between them though
  • CassaCassa
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    Just for a point of reference. When someone mentions a mule that's not necessarily to mean they are speaking of another account, it could be another character on their account. For example I have several characters I don't use for anything except storage on my account - thus a "mule".

    That being said there is nothing currently in the ToS specifically referencing multiple accounts and so long as the information used to create said accounts is accurate and true (ie: your name, birthdate, etc) multiple accounts aren't against the ToS. Using modifications that allow you to run multiple clients, however, is. Although use of another computer is not. That could change at any time if Nexon chooses to change their ToS, as it used to actually have a section referencing multiple accounts.

    In the past there was issues with people creating multiple accounts to abuse an event and as a result the event in question was removed early. This hurt a lot of other players who weren't abusing it. A lot of events that can be abused this way have now been changed to help prevent that (Ie: level restrictions, longer requirements to complete, etc). So I guess it's safe to say it's frowned upon but not strictly enforced unless it becomes a major problem.
  • ShouKShouK
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    Okay, so having multiple accounts is allowed.

    Then it is okay to transfer event stuffs between the different accounts?
  • mintielmintiel
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    You can have multiple Nexon accounts, you just can't use more than one on the same computer at the same time. That said, we're only allowed to have 1 single forum account (in case the question ever crosses your mind). That equates to 1 Nexon account using any or all of the forums.

    In fact, years ago there was a "redundant" [Create New Account] button on the client's manual-login screen (it has since been removed). ☺
    That's odd, the way I've always seen people talk about it in Maplestory was that having multiple accounts is against the rules no matter what (and I mean for more than just multiclienting). Is it just allowed in Mabi (with the obvious exception being against the rules) or what? I was under assumption that this rule would be applied to all nexon games, if it even is a rule still.

    IDK, I've asked multiple people on this and it seems people kinda have a mishmash of answers :')
    [Deleted User]
  • ShoogShoog
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    Pretty much what I've always understood is what everyone here has already posted. It's allowable on the same computer but only as long as you log off an account and then log onto another. Using more than one pc/laptop to log onto accounts is ok. Multi-clienting is not permitted and could get you banned.

    But be advised, there's been times in the past when players massively abused events with mult-iclienting or using multiple accounts which resulted in them being banned for it.

    As for trading event items between accounts, I've always assumed it was ok as long as it's not being abused. I have my main account and a second account that I used to play on a long, long time ago. I still log onto the second account for hot time and event items. For example, if a hot time outfit is received on the account based on gender of the character, I'll use my main (who's female) to get the female outfit while my alt account will get the male item with a male character.
    [Deleted User]mintiel