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Hunger is nonexistant


  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Sai wrote: »
    I 'member hunger.

    The old old days of punching that big tree in Tir for 30+ mins trying to get berries for that stupid quest and having to rest and eat between breaks. Never any stam, always hungry. I think they removed that quest before NA even launched. Most likely would have caused people to quit.

    You have to actually force yourself to be hungry with Meditation now...

    Gather 5 berries or 3 apples for church ptj still has the same effects.
  • ShaeliShaeli
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    The problem is that hunger is linear and point-based, kind of like wounds work, but for stamina, and most of us these days have way over 1000 max stamina (if not 2000). Start up a new character, and you'll get hungry real quick. Sit on your old established character and it'll take literal real-time days to get down to 50%. Scaling just never occurred to the original designers, who had no idea how much powercreep they'd be dealing with 10 years down the road.