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Mana Crystilization questions

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So i'm hearing that stuff like thunder crystals and fireballs from alchemy crystals are really really weak. even with R1 Mana Crystilization.

looking at the wiki. it does say they only do 80% of the dmg the regular spell would do.

The damage of Mana Crystallization Crystals is not affected by Balance of any kind. On average, their balance is considered to be 50%.
Mana Crystallization crystals are unaffected by Magic Attack, and are significantly weaker than their magical spell counterparts. i can see how they'd do less dmg. but is it that much less?

also..can they not crit?

Spells cast with these crystals do not gain bonus damage from Criticals. However, Critical Hit Training is still received. this skill gimped?


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    The skill's magic crystals were always weaker than an actual magic skill of the same rank.

    It's almost never worth using them.

    Even if you use a Tower Cylinder for the bonus damage they're weaker than a normal spell.
    And since the crystal load times aren't affected by anything, they're eventually SLOWER to cast than 5 charges of the magic spell.
    The crystal loading time isn't even affected by Vivace.

    And the fact that they get no damage bonus from Critical Hits is the icing on the cake, that solidifies this skill as lowest-tier as far as combat usage is concerned.

    Also using Thunder keeps you glued to your spot until the Thunder has finished falling, which is really bad.

    So yeah, this skill is not so useful, and the best part of the skill is probably just the Stats you gain from ranking it up.
  • TheNyanCatTheNyanCat
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    It's always been a novelty skill to me, it's just doesn't get any better even if you rank it so naturally it falls behind literally everything else.
  • FarseerarentaFarseerarenta
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    ah..... its worthless.......thanks nexon =(
  • DanievictriaDanievictria
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    ah..... its worthless.......thanks nexon =(

    Worthless...except for being mandatory to rank up your Alchemy Mastery...which you can now only do using spells like Fireball, Thunder, and Ice Spear since they took away the other method...which you need to do collection quests in order to order to make crystals of inferior attack power to the actual spells...

    Yeah. Thanks Nexon. :(
  • SylekSylek
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    Maybe for using the Int spells before you finish the quest to learn them yourself provided another player helps you make the crystals? I don't know, I'm a mage, not an alchemist.
  • FalmostaFalmosta
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    Also keep in mind the magic does not get damage boosted from magic attacks if it is used Via Cylinder.