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Best places for Windmill training?

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edited August 17, 2017 in Help
I've been doing Other Alchemist in order to finally master Windmill at rank 1 . . But I was wondering if there is better places, as I only need strong/awful/boss monsters, no need for the several requirements. I apologize for the inconvenience!


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Other Alchemists is a decent place to find high Combat Power enemies that aren't too tanky.

    The Kitchen Dungeon at Tara's Rath Castle is another good place to find high Combat Power enemies.

    It can be annoying to get their HP down the normal way, but if you have any pets with on-summon AoE attacks, like the Pegasus pets you can earn from doing Saga 1~10, you can use those to weaken/killy many at once, quickly.

    Just set the party finish rule to Anyone to avoid those attacks actually killing them, so you can get Windmill training from it.

    Other than that, maybe the final mission of Saga 1 Episode 4, with the constantly respawning enemies.

    You can make things easier for yourself by using Tendering potions, like the one you can get from the events running right now.
    And 2x training potions, like the ones from the events running right now.