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What is a good way to make gold without gacha/NX?

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I'm sometimes able to spam HM conflict with my friends, but I'm mostly a leech cause I have low damage and they can dish out so much DPS.

I've heard hillwen engineering and magic crafting are good ways to make money. I'm currently on Alexina server, and I'm not sure how much the end result items usually go for, or how much additional $ you can get with the additional stats.

Lastly I was thinking if nothing else, I could do artifact collection for music skill books to get easy 1m or so per book or more.

A long time ago ducats werr profitable, but Ive never tried it and have no idea if it's still worth doing.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks guys!


  • CarlizeCarlize
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    First off, if you want gold sooner rather than later I don't recommend Hillwen and Magic Craft. They're extremely tedious, even compared to other life skills, and the areas you need to enter to gather materials can be rather dangerous. You can make a good profit, but that's mostly on items you need a high rank for, which takes months of effort as well as spamming pretty hard stuff to get the materials in the first place, except maybe the new bard instruments you can craft. But even those take a lot of effort to get the materials because of the low drop rates that it might be more worth it to sell the base materials rather than the finished product depending on demand. Even artifact gathering can be a pain, and considering you need to appraise and restore the items, which both cost gold, it may not be worth it outside of training the skills.

    I'm on Ruairi so I'm not sure of the prices or demand for items on Alexina, but selling holy water is a really good method. You just gather tons of eggs and talk to Kristell every in game day, and then sell the holy water using a personal shop. You can also sell thin and thick thread balls rather decently, but they sell better during life skill events.

    Commercing does take some time, but you get gold as well as ducats when you profit, so you get a bit while training. You can then sell stuff from the ducat shop, like the harp and piano or the music books, and they sell well especially currently since music is a large focus at the moment. Whether it's worth the time is up for debate, but once you have a wagon it's really not too bad, and it's a good skill stat wise to train as well.

    There's also synthing dyes. A couple times magic dye wells have come out. With a max happiness partner you can get double/triple gathers. I average about 32 flashy dyes a day, which turns into 16 fixed and has a chance of getting pures. You can also buy dye jars from people if you don't have the wells, it just cuts into the profit margin somewhat.

    Adventure seals are gotten by doing dailies every day and you can do them on each character. You can then sell the seal shop items to people who don't want to wait, like expiration removal scrolls or exploration pages. A couple months back there were enchants from a gacha that everyone was interested in (Spooky, Haunted, etc). As a result, the expiration removal scrolls were going for twice their normal value, so taking advantage of supply vs demand can help a lot. There's also royal knight armor that sells on Ruairi for about 5mil. You can also sell people the marlins and admiral owen boxes so they can gather the seals themselves, but the profit isn't quite as good that way.

    Depending, events can help a lot. Personally, it's been my biggest money maker. From the first Mission Point Event I ended up with 15 knitwear with stockings and 8 knitwear without, plus all the other rewards. I sold them around 8mil each. That was by far my biggest profit margin from an event but most have items that sell decently and it's a great way to make money. There's also attendance events that sometimes give gachapon. One quite a few months back had the Erinn Beauty Box and I pulled an Altam hair that I was able to sell for 30mil. Mabi definitely offers opportunities to get lucky and not have to spend gold. I also won a contest that I was able to get a Mysterious Girl Hair for, which had a 30+mil offer and I ended up trading it for the long ponytail that came out.

    There's plenty of free methods to make money if you're diligent, let me know if you have any questions!
  • ShouKShouK
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    Altam hair coupon?
    That luck..........