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Gambling Simulator 2017?


  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited October 28, 2017
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    I prefer Shopping Bags.

    DIRECTLY BUYABLE Shopping Bags.

    Not in a gacha.
    Not in a "shuffle".

    Directly Buyable.

    No matter how many times we've complained about this on the Forums, it's almost like the Nexon NA marketing team thinks we're lying when we tell them why so many players rage quit.
    As much as we love Mabinogi, there is competition out there that has modernized the Cash Shop faster and better than Nexon NA, and it's time that Nexon KR starts understanding that they won't make a profit if they don't allow NA to at least run the Cash Shop solo.
    ShouK wrote: »
    Leinei wrote: »
    You know, odd idea, but what if they did both? Made outfit bags where you get all the pieces of a set to sell on their own, meanwhile offering singular pieces of a set (gloves, boots, outfit, etc) as potential wins in the gacha as well? They'd have guaranteed purchases on the outfit bags, plus those of players who like testing their luck.
    Why would people buy the gacha when they can just buy the outfit bags?

    It's called teamwork. There's the statistician and mathematician.
    Then there's the guys who say, "Okay, how much of this is going to be for a direct purchase, and what exactly do we put in the RNG Box?"
    There's also seasonal rotation, seasonal returns, seasonal events, and after all the items are in one big list, you get this:

    CS DrP:
    x/x/x through x/x/x Halloween Outfit Sets (2-5, for each race)

    Seasonal Return:
    x/x/x through x/x/x Halloween Gachapon (Total of x items)

    Seasonal Rotation:
    x/x/x through x/x/x Partners (bonus sale, 50% off)

    Seasonal Limited Sale:
    x/x/x through x/x/x Special Halloween Partners
    x/x/x through x/x/x New! Halloween Gachapon (Total of x amount of items)

    Gachapon Rotation:
    x/x/x through x/x/x Holiday Pets

    Essentially, it's just sacrificing a few ex Gachapon outfit sets, (maybe a year+ old) to add into a sellable package for either a discount or whatever price.
    The added amount of sold gachapons while adding in a complete outfit set for sale adds a bit of a more comfortable RNG number, giving the player options to either play safe or take chances.

  • NerdyliciousNerdylicious
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    I've spent well over 200 dollars on this Gacha and have gotten mostly junk from it, it sucks but this is how Nexon does business and it seems to really work for them. I wish everyone luck blowing their hard earned money on a game hoping to get something rare haha. That's what makes me the most upset i mean people are spending real life money and getting junk left and right that can hardly be sold at all in game :/. I know people are going to say like " Well its your choice bla bla bla" and they're not wrong but still its a crappy situation to be in. Hopefully things can get better with Gacha rates but i doubt that's ever going to happen because people simply wouldn't spend as much money.
  • eikodeneikoden
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    There should be far less items in gachs (this would limit the amount of bleep you can get) & bring back seasonal and holiday direct purchase outfits. If Nexon put the time and effort into quality items and outfits, players would continue to spend money and the game wouldn't tank. However, they don't seem to care at all about Mabinogi (how long did it take for us to get a homestead update?!) and I am tired as well of these cruddy hair etc coupons, which result in too many players either having to spend 2+ Mil to get a hairstyle/eyes/mouth they desire - so there should be a PERMANENT gachapon for those things if Nexon wishes to continue this insanity. Tip Nexon: players often won't bother to play a game if they are unhappy with the way their characters look and they don't wish to spend a fortune on hair and eyes. There are ways to make money with the game if they try harder. Let's also try to keep in mind that many in the United States are also having a hard time financially these days - there is a rather large disparity between those who have and have not. So, that said, Nexon needs to keep this in mind and not make things so darn expensive or elusive in game. I don't really care, either, if I sound irritated or like a complete ____. SOMEONE needs to say this stuff. So defending Nexon's actions in this is stupid. If someone is spending $50+ and still not getting an item - it is a problem. Did they ever release the stats on gach percentages, either? Probably not.. they're going to run this game into the ground...
  • eikodeneikoden
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,245
    Posts: 35
    Also, I think it's important to keep in mind that this is VIRTUAL clothing / hairstyles / items. Would you spend $50+ on one outfit irl? SOME of you would.. I'm sure.. but I wouldn't.. would have to be one hell of an occasion. Just keep always in mind that we don't technically own anything in the game once we purchase it. It's more like we're paying for the privilege to use said items and accounts and at any point in time Nexon could simply shut down the game..and there goes all your gach spending..bye bye! So. That said, and things put into better perspective; is it OK then for a gaming company to expect players to shell out that much money for the better items, when we don't own them? And don't tell me "Oh but every other gaming company does this too!" (I really don't care - simply because they do such, doesn't make it right). I personally think it is highly unethical what Nexon is doing atm with gachapons and I really don't care if they get annoyed at me for saying it. Games are supposed to be about fun & enjoying the art of it - not JUST about money. Yes, they make the games to make money, but if they truly want to make money and be successful - they have to actually care about the game and take pride in it, otherwise players won't care nor take pride in it either. The problem with mabi atm isn't just a simple gach issue - it prevails in nearly every aspect due to Nexon treating it merely as a cash cow. No wonder the players have lost the sheer joy they used to experience when new things came out. It's been replaced with frustration and disappointment. That's not what games are about. Kill the joy and you kill the game.