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LF> Lagh Chaser Boots(F) and Gloves

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edited November 7, 2017 in Mari Marketplace
LF> Lagh Chaser Boots and Gloves! prefer to be clean but open to other options, If willing to part with one, please note "Hellhind"

ALSO looking for Macha Wig or Haircoupon, fire me a note!

Also selling or trading following items:

- Divine Demigod Horn and Wig (M)
- Divine Demigod Horn
- Black Sacred Daemon Wings
- Black Daemon Wings
- Yellow Holy Feather Wings
- White Ombre Holy Feather Wings
- Black Ombre Holy Feather Wings
- Yellow Ombre Sacred Feather Wings
- Red Sacred Feather Wings
- Big Pumpkin Head Robe
- Big Skull Head Robe



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