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how do i start g9 or skip g8 please please help!!!

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edited December 5, 2017 in Help
on the wiki it says:

"To start Generation 9, you must have completed Generation 3, or reached a cumulative level of 260 and talk to Duncan about storyline change.
Many of the Generation 9 quests are Shadow Missions."

i absolutely cannot restore a single delicately restored fossil no matter how hard i try,my hands are too unsteady for multiple reasons i'd rather not go into

(i'm not looking for fossil tips because ive looked all over for them already and its just not working with all the effort ive been putting in) i tested out trading restored fossils and that doesn't work either,so i can't just find someone who's good at restoring fossils to help me out

i beat g3 already,my total level is 169 (ive been trying hard to stay a lower level and clear the generations as low of a level as i can)

but when i talk to duncan, he doesn't have the option for me to change the storyline. i've talked to the strange cat aswell,and nothing happened other than it saying meow

do i have to be lv 260 now aswell to start g9 or what? please help this is so frustrating,i just want to be able to play mabinogi and do the storyline quests again!..


  • LeiliciaLeilicia
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    Yeah to skip that gen you need to be able to have Duncan do it, and its level-locked. You won't be able to start g9 unless you're 260, or power through g8.

    Though, I know you said you dont want tips but here's one anyway: when you're doing the fossils and you notice time i srunning out but you know you messed up, type /logout into the chat bar and enter. If you have a shop open, too bad. This will force a log out and the fossil timer stops so you can try it again. Take deep and steady breaths, you will be able to get it done.

    Until then goodluck, and work on getting 260 if you want to skip this. Tbh this gen isn't needed.
  • strawberrydreamsstrawberrydreams
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    @Leilicia thank you so much i'll be leveling up as fast as i can! and i actually didnt know that because i tried changing channels (a method i saw in a video) and that didnt work but i tested that way out and it works! thank you so much again!