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Jodhi's Emporium! Buying/Selling/Services!

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Caution.png Caution!
Long lists here, for buying and selling things. Oh, I also offer some services! Please read until the end to find out more!
In this emporium, you'll find as follows:
<3 Buying Lists
<3 Selling Lists
<3 My Services

I'm also selling something at my house, be sure to come by and check it out!

IGN: Jodhi - Note/Add/comment
Or chat me up at:

Well, let's get on with it! Chop chop!
If there's any items with no price, just offer them up! I don't bite. Let's try to be reasonable.

<3 BUYING <3

- Squire Uniform Box - Kaour -- 2m
- Squire Uniform Box - Dai -- 1m
- Arat Crystal 100k / stack. Mail me.
- Outfits M and F, If you are trying to sell your outfits, let me know which one, and also the prices. I might buy them. Don’t ask me how much I would pay for it. Shoot me the price. only buying from today until 25th of December!


Alban1.png Rare Finds Alban2.png
Sometimes I stumbled upon those Baltane gear materials from my squires. And sometimes also the other baubles I found. And I bet 100% that you might be interested!
Baltane Rare Finds
- Broken Guardian's Armor

Other Baubles
- Falias Dew x2
- Falias Raindrop x2
- 3rd Dorcha Crystal – 2m
- 6th Dorcha Crystal – 3m

Dye_Ampoule_Regular.pngDye_Ampoule_Metal.png DYES Dye_Ampoule_Pet.pngDye_Ampoule_Instrument.png

Dye_Ampoule_Regular.png Cloth/Leather
- #842E2E (6) – 600k each
- #D11414 (3) – 3m each
- #E82A5E (7) – 300k each
- #FF3FA7 (7) – 350k each
- #FF6FBD (6) – 350k each
- #FF9FD3 (2) – 350k each
- #FFCFE9 (7) – 700k each
- #C00000 (5) – 2.5m each
* Direct Dye Ampoule: 0 Left -- 1mil each

Dye_Ampoule_Metal.png Metal
- #00FFEE x3 -- 1.5m each
- #B0C4DE x2 -- 300k each
- #000000 -- 3m

* Direct Metal Dye Ampoule: 10 Left -- 500k each

Dye_Ampoule_Pet.png Pet
- #FF0000 -- 700k
- #00008B -- 700k

* Direct Pet Dye Ampoule: 11 Left -- 500k each

Dye_Ampoule_Instrument.png Instrument
- #00CED1 x2 -- 700k each
- #00FFFF -- 1m
- #00BFFF -- 700k
- #0000CD x3 -- 1m
- #7B68EE -- 300k

* Direct Magical Instrument Dye: 13 Left -- 700k each

Armory.png WEAPON & FASHION Fashion.png

Weapon.png Gears
- Focused Green Beam Sword -- 1m
- Focused Red Beam Sword -- 1m
- Focused White Beam Sword -- 1m
- Focused Blue Beam Sword x2 -- 1m each

Royal_Knight_Armor.png* Royal Knight Armor -- 7m.
I can sell Royal Knight Armor every Saturday (Samhain) for 7m, no less. I only buy the dark/bright colored plate and random on the cloth. I could buy one, or possibly two, every week. Pre-order is acceptable.
* Royal Knight Armor: 2 Left

Headgear.png Headgear
- Wiggling Rurutie's Ears -- 8m
- Paris Wig r1 2L -- 6m
- Avelin Wig (F) -- 3m
- Justice Hat -- 1m

Bodywear.png Bodywear
- Trinity Wear (M) 4/3 -- 5m
- Basic Brief -- 4m

Gloves.png Gloves
*Unavailable at the moment, please try again later*

Footwear.png Footwear
- Justice Suit Boots -- 1m
Props.png PROPS Props.png

Materials.png Materials
- Average Firewood 100k / stack
- Fine Firewood 150k / stack
- Finest Firewood -- 200k / stack
- Wood Board -- 100k / stack
- Tough String -- 150k / stack
- Braid -- 50k / stack
- Hillwen Ore Fragment -- 30k / stack
- Hillwen -- 100k / stack
- Hillwen Alloy -- 200k / stack
- Shyllien Crystal -- 100k / stack
- Shyllien -- 150k / stack
- Intact Shyllien 300k / stack
- Tin Ore Fragment -- 50k / stack
- Zinc Ore Fragment -- 50k / stack
- Nickel Ore Fragment -- 50k / stack
- Emerald Core -- 600k / stack

Bag.png Bag Coupons / Opened Bags / Pouches
- Moonlight Hammer Ferghus Doll Bag (Opened) x8 -- 7m each
- Ore Bag -- 2m
- Firewood Bag -- 2m
- Common Fabric Pouch x5 -- 200k each
- Fine Fabric Pouch x2 -- 200k each
- Fine Silk Pouch -- 200k
- Finest Silk Pouch x2 -- 200k each
Opened Doll bags cannot be traded, it can be drop-traded however. Keep that in mind.

Seeds.png Homestead Seeds and Props Homestead.png
- Homestead Hyacinth Flower Pot x6 -- 350k each
- Homestead Red Rose Flower Pot x8 -- 350k each
- Homestead White Rose Flower Pot x4 -- 350k each
- Homestead Greenhouse -- 20m
- Poinsettia Seed -- 10m
- Chamomile Seed -- 2m / stack
- Rose Hip Seed -- 2m / stack
- Pumpkin Seed -- 250k / stack
- Cabbage Seed -- 200k /stack

Transformation_Medals.png Transformation Medals
I sell all Shamala’s Transformation Medals for 400k each, no less. Updated every Thursday (Lughnasadh).
- Guildenstern
- Annick
- Gilmore
- Stewart
- Manus

Pattern_Manual.png Pattern & Manual
*Unavailable at the moment, please try again later*

Pages.png Books & Pages
- Book of Thunder Chapter 1 – Offer!
- Book of Thunder Chapter 4 (9) – 1m each

Training_Potion.png Taining Potion
- Wire Pull x3 -- 500k each
- Metal Conversion x2 -- 1m each
- Chain: Charging Strike -- 1m
- Dual Gun Mastery -- 400k
- Shooting Rush -- 1m
- Grapple Shot -- 2m
- Dischord -- 400k
- Daemon of Physis x3 -- 200k each

Miscellaneous.png Miscellaneous
- Holy Water of Lymilark -- 50k / stack
- Ruyuefeixue's Butterfly Fan Repair Kit x2 -- 300k each
- High-Density Mana Bullet x2500 -- 300k / 100 bullets
- School Bucket -- 2m
- Bronze Throne of Enlightenment -- 1m
- Silver Throne of Enlightenment x2 -- 1m each
- Tap Dance Floor Board -- 3m
- Night Owl Schooldesk -- 1.5m
- Teacher's Pet Schooldesk x2 -- 1.5m each
- Milletian Study Hall Blackboard -- 1.5m
- 300 Homestead Stone Box -- 2m
- Music Bottle C -- 1m
- Music Bottle E -- 1m
- Music Bottle F x2 -- 1m each
- Manus' Potion Bait x900 -- 500k / 300 baits
Beauty_Coupon_Hair.pngBeauty_Coupon_Eyes.png BEAUTY COUPONS Beauty_Coupon_Mouth.pngBeauty_Coupon_Face.png

Beauty_Coupon_Hair.png Hairm
- Long Sideburns (M) -- 8m

Beauty_Coupon_Eyes.png Eyes
- Calm Eyes x5
- Stargazing Eyes x2
- Starlight Eyes x4
- Smoky Eyes
- Guarded Eyes x2
- Intelligent Eyes x2
- Rag Doll Eyes x2
- Daydreaming Eyes x2
- Sentimental Eyes
- Chic City Slicker Eyes x2
- Unfocused Eyes x2
- Determined Eyes
- Emaciated Eyes
- Innocent Bright Eyes
- Observant Eyes x3
- Serene Eyes x4 -- 1.5m
- Determined Eyes
- Thoughtful Eyes
- Heart-Filled Eyes
- Noble Eyes
- Starry Eyes

Beauty_Coupon_Mouth.png Mouth
- Surprised Mouth x2
- Cheerful Laugh
- Mischievous Cat Mouth x3
- Airy Cheeks x3
- Vigilant Mouth
- Dissatisfied Mouth x2
- Small Animal Mouth x2
- Super Sour Mouth
- Playful Teasing Mouth x3
- Uhhh Mouth
- Om Nom Nom Mouth -- 3m
- Wine-red Lips
- Cute Animal Mouth

Beauty_Coupon_Face.png Face
- Cute Blush Face (M - Human, Partner) x2
- Droopy Ears Blush Face (F - Elf) x2
- Shooting Star Face (F - Human, Partner)
- Shooting Star Face (M - Human, Partner) x2
- Shooting Star Face (M - Elf) x3
- Shooting Star Face (F - Elf) x2
- Small Ears Freckled Face (M - Elf) x3
- Serious Freckled Face (F - Giant) x3
- Squared Blush Face (M - Giant)
- Squared Freckled Face (M - Giant)

I'm offering some services here, and it's basically FREE, You can add me or bug me (just not too much! lol) to help craft. I've mastered every life talents here and I has:
- r5 Cooking (capped)
- r1 Catering
- r1 Tailoring
- r1 Weaving
- r1 Handicraft
- r1 Carpentry
- r1 Potion Making
- r1 Refining
- r1 Blacksmithing
- r1 Production Mastery
- r1 Magic Craft
- r4 Hillwen Engineering

And also, a Shoutout to those who in need of Herbalism/Apothecary Training, or a crafting station! (or anyone else, really!)
Add me, IGN: Jodhi.
You can enter my homestead and do anything you want there, freely. I got any crafting tools here, fish spots too, and even herbs, though it's not much. And also those cutie animals, if you ever in need of Milks, Wools and also Eggs.
BUT, I also got 5 alts that got their own 60 patches of each respective herb type. Base, Bloody, Mana, Sunlight and Gold.
They are also open for anyone who in need of Herbs, especially for training, or whatever it is you need.
I'll put the IGN as well, just add them, you can still enter even without me confirm it, and pluck them away: FREE.

Base_Herb.png Base Herb: Kaotama
Bloody_Herb.png Bloody Herb: Bimtama
Mana_Herb.png Mana Herb: Anneliette
Sunlight_Herb.png Sunlight Herb: Maverrick
Gold_Herb.gif Gold Herb: Agavy

All of the 5 alts Homestead have almost the same design, and to help you to be on the right track on which Herbs it is, you can always check the color of the fences or the boxes just in front of the gate. The colors match for each herb colors.
There you go, Herbalism adventure is on the way!
Check out this Link to find out about the homestead:


  • JodhiJodhi
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,345
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    Some of the pink dyes are sold! Come on, what are you waiting for, grab them all!
  • JodhiJodhi
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,345
    Posts: 25
    sold one Royal Knight Armor! One more left, might be getting another @saturday!
  • GspinGspin
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,220
    Posts: 35
    How much for a Cute Blush Face Coupon?
  • JodhiJodhi
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,345
    Posts: 25
    Gspin wrote: »
    How much for a Cute Blush Face Coupon?

    just offer up on that
  • JodhiJodhi
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,345
    Posts: 25
    RK Armor all sold! Awaiting for the next Saturday!
  • WubbykittyWubbykitty
    Mabinogi Rep: 850
    Posts: 125
    How much are you selling the thoughtful eyes for?
  • JodhiJodhi
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,345
    Posts: 25
    Updated on 20/12/2017! Bump! More stuff added
  • UxoricideUxoricide
    Mabinogi Rep: 200
    Posts: 9
    I'll note you in-game on Tetroxide, but I'm hoping to buy all your Lullaby and Enduring Melody Training Potions. I'd also like to add you for the Homesteads, just so that you won't wonder why I'm adding you. :D Thank you for the assistance!
  • JodhiJodhi
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,345
    Posts: 25
    Uxoricide wrote: »
    I'll note you in-game on Tetroxide, but I'm hoping to buy all your Lullaby and Enduring Melody Training Potions. I'd also like to add you for the Homesteads, just so that you won't wonder why I'm adding you. :D Thank you for the assistance!

    done the transaction beautifully with you. Thanks

    Updated on 22/12/2017. Added Broken Guardian's Armor to the rare find list! Buy it, people!
    and also buying some Arat Crystal 100k / stack please!