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Lost my Armor Upon Logging In

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edited January 4, 2018 in Help
Not sure what happen, but I lost my Gamyu Wizard Robe Armor (M). This armor is pretty basic in all but I've done some work on it to suit my needs, yet it disappearance puzzles me. I didn't notice this until I went do a Daily Orders Girg run upon logging in with a good 2 mins passing by. Enter the raid, open my inventory to get myself set and than I saw my armor was just gone. After I finished the daily orders I started my search for it. Thought I might of moved it one of my pets the day prior, yet i didn't. Checked all my inventory to the extra equipment slots to the VIP Slots, yet that was full at the time, but couldn't find it. I even went to the lost and found but it wasn't there. Not sure what to do but start from scratch it would seem.


  • KokoroKokoro
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    edited January 8, 2018
    Did you check your Me tab and your Soul Stream inventory as well?

    Sorry if you have already checked but I used to always forget that Soul Stream inventory is a thing. The best thing to do might be to send in a ticket.