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Barrier Spikes in Round Table mission

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I really don't know why but the targeting on the barrier spikes to get to the Round Table always seems so wonky. I can only ever seem to actually target two of the spikes and when I do I usually just end up standing right in front of them and not attacking. If I load a skill such as Smash, i'm then stuck there for a good few seconds. I then have to cancel the skill, de-select the barrier as a target and then attempt to target it again.

I've failed the mission numerous times simply because of being unable to properly attack those darn barriers.


  • KokoroKokoro
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,155
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    I've noticed this as well though I feel it is actually a feature implemented to stop you from targeting your own spikes during the wolf attack segment of the mission. Although I do think it is kind of annoying though I'd much rather it be like this than barrier spikes that are too easy to target and cause you to break them yourself.

    I like to use Chain Sweep to get through the enemy barrier. It doesn't require individual targeting and blows up several barriers at once so no fiddly manoeuvring is required to squeeze in once the barrier is down.
  • SiodhanSiodhan
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    The annoying part is that the spikes in the defense part of the mission are much easier to target. Even ctrl target catches them at rare times, while almost nothing will help you if you're unlucky with targetting the ones when you're on the offensive.
  • downbookdownbook
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    edited January 15, 2018
    For me after running many times through it, I found the middle spike on left (south if we go by the map) is very easy to target, as well as much easier to pass through once it is down.
  • ShouKShouK
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    I always target the left most spike. It seems easier somehow for the attack to actually be carried out. However, I do need to zoom in pretty far, because you have to properly click it in order for the attack to work.
  • OpalthiraOpalthira
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,580
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    I go far left click in between the spike walls for targeting.
    Then to go through the opening just move your camera to bird view, and click and hold to walk in between.