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Freebie Shack [Now 100% more free!] \ (•◡•) /

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edited January 23, 2018 in Art Creations
Hiya there, thanks for coming to this super awesome freebie thread!

Post your refs below and I'll draw, sketch, line, or possibly *gasp* color you! For 100% absolutely free!

I'm not good at drawing mecha / manly men / extensive armor / furries (or animals in general), but I will try my best to do whatever request you like! (As long as it's within the forum rules, of course) Only one character per person! <3 I'll try to go in order of posting.

I can guarantee I'll disappear before finishing everyone's (in like a week or two) so... sorry :'(

Finished Peeps:
MissFortune Number 2

  1. Do you like to draw?21 votes
    1. Yesssssss *silent sobbing*
       90% (19 votes)
    2. nope
       10% (2 votes)