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New Dungeon (+Inspiration for 2nd dungeon revamp)

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edited January 23, 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions
IGN: Siodhan
Server: Alexina

Hey, it's me with a wall of text once again.
Since this will be very long, I will cut the preamble short: I hate dungeons as they are right now and would like to see some thing fresh and more interesting, so this idea (while aimed only at creating a new dungeon) has a secondary agenda of trying to induce some change in the dungeons we currently have. So, I hope it reaches the right ears/eyes.

So, new iria dungeon. I don't particularly have a name for it, though I would hope for it to be celtic themed like most stuff.
For the sake of this dungeon making a bit more sense (more on that later) I would suggest implementing two NPCs to be standing in the lobby. If you instead wish to tie this dungeon to its own story like you did for Sidhe Finnachaid, be my guest. I would actually appreciate that initiative. However, I will use these dummy-NPCs in this suggestion thread to make my own life easier. Feel free to replace them in the final product.
Going by common mabi naming convention, let's go with a female Elf called Adwen and a male giant named Türe. Get it? Adventure? Sorry. Renovation strikes back.

Let me get this out of the way right away. This dungeon I want this dungeon to be randomized quite a bit harder than usual.
I want rooms to be able to take a square, circular or pentagonal shape for starters. As in, any type of room can take any shape, aside from the bossroom.
There will be dead ends with appropriate chests in them, but they should not be infinitely long as they usually are. A small passage is enough. To compensate for the space that a circular and pentagonal room will take in comparison to a normal square room, the corridors connected to each of these rooms needs to be just a bit longer than usual, or they simply need to be big rooms that fit the current grid-system. A very, very big plus would also be if passages connecting individual rooms could be diagonal. In fact, please make that possible.

What matters about all of this that the shape is different, because it alleviates the terrifying, utter boredom all current dungeons relentlessly invoke. It is the absolute worst.
Remember, considering you're using a grid system here you would only need a pretty simple algorithm.

Likewise the dungeon will occasionally have stairs leading up or down, although actual physical ones. While I'm pretty sure we can't stack rooms on top of each other, we can at least give the illusion of going up and down without actually changing the way dungeons essentially work. Simply replace straight corridors with stairs going up or down and place rooms higher/lower to match them. There will be no second or third floor in this dungeon, it will simply be a very large first floor that goes up and down. However, if you wish to help the issue of lag with a dungeon floor too large, I can recommend using transitions from one area of a dungeon into another. Just like all current dungeon's stairs, but instead of going up and down you go just go straight. We're underground, so nobody cares where we're going. This also serves to alleviate monotony.

Incidentally, QoL things like this are a small part of what I had in mind when a dungeon revamp was announced, but I was horribly disappointed when all we got were hp sponges. That's just a personal gripe though. Still, I wish to inspire some change with these ideas, so do please listen.

Also, please add a minimal amount of elevations or small dents in the floors and walls here and there. It doesn't have to be super detailed (that'd lag, anyway), but give us the impression that you've worked out a preset dungeon while actually having procedurally generated it, inherently increasing the feeling of quality within each run. It is rather dreary to walk through perfectly square, perfectly flat-surfaced, perfectly same-looking corridors and rooms during an entire run. Or 50. Or 2000, given the droprates. You avoided this problem with Sidhe Finnachaid altogether, but it did not fix the old dungeon's problems. Remember, implementing a new feature absolutely doesn't mean old content stops existing. It's still there, quietly crying for change.

Next, I wish to discuss the types of rooms this dungeon will have.

Rooms are chosen from the following categories randomly at their suggested rates (or at least very similar rates)
New types of Rooms: 62.5% chance.
Iria Dungeon Specific Rooms: 17.5% chance.
Uladh Dungeon Specific Rooms: 12.5% chance. (Excluding Math Music. Make sure to adjust the monsters involved if you're choosing something like the Gargoyle room from Rabbie Phantasm.)
Shadow Mission Specific Rooms: 7.5% chance.
Individual rooms within each category have equal chances to appear, except for the trial and boss rooms. The more common the category in everyday gameplay, the less they should appear, hence the chances. What I wish to do is break down the boredom, not create more. However, variety factors into this, so I do want to include older content.

New types of rooms:
Chase Room (Monster with 99k damage attacks chases a single player that is being announced to the party with an on-screen message at human speeds. The rest have to press buttons in time. Can randomly switch aggro every 10s or so, so you have to stay apart.)

Memory Walk Room (follow a path shown by Adwen running very quickly over quite many tiles. Tile number increases with difficulty. Failure to memorize the path and stepping on a wrong tile results in having to fight a wave of tough mobs. Each tile will light up for a short moment while Adwen crosses it to better visualize the path. It will, however, not stay lit for longer than two seconds.)

Stalling Room (A monster with level 3 heavy stander, natural shield and mana deflector will be chasing you and your teammates in a locked room. However, since it is impervious to all damage, all you can do is delay the monster with counterattack and instant knockback skills to delay it from killing everyone. The special part about this monster is that it will deal 1 damage to you if you use defense, no damage if you use counterattack and be knocked back by instant knockback skills without taking damage, but if you do happen to get hit it will immediately be over for you. It attacks less frequently if a single player created the dungeon, allowing for them to survive alone. Survive for a specific amount of time depending on the difficulty of the dungeon while Türe picks the lock on the door to the next room.)

Explosive Mimic Room (Has a 7x7 field of chests spread out on the ground, starting at a randomly designated spot on the outer line, designated by an extra pad with an arrow on it that's spawned next to the field, pointing toward it. There will be 4 colored pads each showing a different direction (north, east, south and west). In advanced hard mode, there will be 4 more for the diagonals. A varying number of enemies (depending on the dungeon's difficulty) will spawn one by one, each next one of them on the death of the last, tinted in the colors of the pads. The colors are randomized, but need to adhere to the field (you may not be sent outside of the field, so for instance the very right side will not allow you to go any further to the right).
At the end of the spawns, the players will hopefully have followed the path they were indicated and open the right chest in the 7x7 field of mimics. Any wrong chest opened will damage the entire party by 10% of their maximum health or kill them if they're below 10% of their hp. Whoever opens the wrong chest is stunned for 10s, so that the other players are given time to heal up in case of a troll.)

Living Door Room (This one is essentially just a slightly wider corridor, but it has a twist. The door leading to the next corridor is overgrown by an living growth. The length of the room varies on the number of players your party entered the dungeon with. The trick in this room is that there's a spike with poison at the beginning of the room that you have to stab yourself with, which works similar to Girgashiy's poison. For a single player the poison will last long enough to reach the door even as a human, but in a party you need to infect each other to build a chain in order to reach the growth, then infect it with the poison, killing it instantly and allowing you to open the door. Advanced hard mode could include putting a minimal amount of obstacles in your way.)

Non-combat room: Library (A room filled with bookshelves, you can interact with a handful of them to recieve a strange book like the ones from ghosts of partholon)

Trial Room(GUARANTEED ONCE AND ONLY ONCE PER DUNGEON RUN) (Very spacious room that contains four orbs that each start a different trial. Here is a list of potential trials it can randomize from, each one should appear just once per run and you can not trigger more than one trial at a time (Upon success, places an end-chest item in each party member's inventory. If it fails, there is no reward, but the trial will still be finished):
Trial of speed: Kill x amount of enemies within a certain amount of time. The number of enemies spawned at the same time varies depending on the amount of players the dungeon was created with, as well as the difficulty.
Trial of might: a locked box will appear in front of you and a timer will start ticking down. Deal a certain amount of damage to it in the alloted time.
Trial of wit: Spawns a number of destructible walls in the entire room, with a starting and ending point. An enemy that does no knockback upon attacking and deals little damage chases a designated party member while the rest have to use the alloted time frame to destroy walls to build the shortest path to the goal, during which the chased player is required to lead the monster to the finish point.
Trial of compassion: Defend Adwen and Türe from monsters for an alloted amount of time, depending on the difficulty of the dungeon.
Trial of camaraderie: Up to four orbs, one per player, are spawned within the room, along with monsters that will obstruct you. In a certain amount of time all players need to hit their respective orb within 3 seconds of each other.
Trial of synchronization: Up to four tough enemies will spawn that will need to die within 5 seconds of each other.

Miniboss (Depending on the difficulty, has more hp and damage. You must keep Türe healed as he fights it, as he is the only one who can deal damage to it. This is done not only by using the Healing skill, but there will also occasionally be circles spawning in the room occasionally which you can enter, automatically forcing you character into an animation to channel a spell for a short while (you can not move). During that time span, Türe is shielded from all damage, allowing for easier recuperation. It is, however, not a necessary step while fighting the miniboss in a party of a single person. For each rank of each player's healing skill away from r1, the miniboss' damage is lowered, to make it fair. It should not be a close shave as to make it tedious, but it certainly shouldn't be super easy either. It requires delicate balance. If you fail, you can restart the room)

Boss "Emperor Mimic". No protection, advanced heavy stander, no normal attack, no normal heavy stander, no natural shield, no mana deflector, no passive damage reduction, 250k, 600k, 1m and 2m hp depending on difficulty.
100% and less mimic health:
Emperor's Charge - The mimic jump-moves left and right like a boxer taking a stance, jumps up to give a signal and proceeds to charge forward in a line at whichever player the mimic is currently aggroed to. Deals 45% max hp in damage and can be dodged by walking out of the linear target range. Large shields + defend can also be used to block the charge, allowing for giants to taunt the mic and block its charge. If the charge is blocked this way, the Emperor Mimic is stunned for 10s. (Stun skills like bash and dischord are unable to stun the mimic, however). The skill cools down for 30s when countered this way. Upon hitting a wall with his charge, all players in the bossroom are knocked back and the camera shakes.
Chow Down - Jumps high into the air onto a random player. If the player has not moved sufficiently far from their original location, the Emperor Mimic will land on top of them, biting down on them as they land. The player will be unable to move and take 10% max hp damage every second for 10s. Every tick the mimic will be opening its mouth and chomping down on the player. Once this happens the strong bite of the Emperor Mimic forbids the player from escaping until the move is over and the mimic can not be damaged. Healing and party healing works, however.
75% and less mimic health:
Mimicry - Can use this skill once every 30s+. It is definitely triggered at least once when this phase starts. The Emperor Mimic will cry, summoning his loyal subjects to aid him (the mimic will open its mouth and tears will flow from the top of the mimic). For every player there will be two mimics spawning in the room that automatically aggro to each player. They need to be killed quickly, since Mimics have a 1 hit knockdown and can potentially set you up for the Emperor Mimic to kill you.
50% and less mimic health:
Fake death - For 5s the mimic will lie on his back and pretend to be defeated. If anyone attacks him in melee during that time, he will retaliate for 60% max hp damage by biting fiercely. If mirage missile is used on it while it lies down, it swallows the arrows the arrow and imbibes the poison, sending it into a 10s stun during which all attacks are fair game again. This skill cools down for at least 30s when countered in this way.
25% and less mimic health:
Chomp Frenzy - The Emperor Mimic turns red with fury (perhaps with one of the iconic anime-vein-popping effects appearing on him temporarily). He opens his mouth and repeatedly leaps slightly forward like a normal mimic would to normal attack, but can rotate at high speeds between each leap. Number of leaps depends on the difficulty level of the dungeon. Each successful hit damages every player struck by the Mimic by 12% of their maximum hp. Defend with any shield can be used to negate the damage of one bite. This skill cools down for at least 15s regardless of being blocked or not.
Bulwark Stomp - The mimic gets a 50% damage reduction while using this skill and has a metallic glow to it that shines every few seconds to catch your attention. During the next 10s, the mimic will jump up and down every 2s for 10s, each landing causing a quake with a radius approximately the size of r1 chain sweep that deals 25% max hp damage to everyone in it and knocks them back. If Final Hit is used on the Mimic during this time (it can still be hit), it will lose its passive protection and be stunned for 10s. The skill will then proceed to cool down for 30s.

Properties of this dungeon:
Enemies, even on hard mode, will have only up to as much hp as in alby advanced hard mode, but with no protection to give every class (aside from the minority with piercing) a fighting chance. There will be statues to allow respawning within the dungeon. Reconnecting is possible. Dying does not result in a loss of blessings.

Possible monster types could include new variations of mimics (maybe jewel-themed ones, call 'em prince mimic and princess mimic or something) and hopefully more unique monsters we have not seen yet, as that will also alleviate the feeling of infinite re-hashing (normal, red, brown, black, white, blue, mineral, armored bears, etc <_<)

Possible rewards:
Gacha-exlcusive enchantment scrolls that are no longer accessible or were never possible to put on the items they came with to begin with. For instance, the SAO floor enchants (simply remake the enchants under a different name), Gold, Materials (like other dungeons), etc.

I am open for more suggestions on more rooms, which I may just add to the list if they make sense, are well thought-out and do not take significantly more time/effort to complete than the rest (it needs a bit of balance, since missions like enemy behind usually become that much more tedious if you only have sacrificial circles).

To be honest, I would also wish for mobs inside the mobs to use more skillsets or, better yet, use their own sets of skills that can be dodged or parried in certain ways to give rise to a new level of difficulty that does not depend on one-hitting slugfests from one side or the other with slightly modified wolf AI, but I guess the dungeon randomization alone is already a lot to ask for.
  1. Would you like to see this implemented? (Comments and support appreciated)7 votes
    1. Yes!
       71% (5 votes)
    2. No!
       29% (2 votes)


  • NegumikoNegumiko
    Mabinogi Rep: 9,785
    Posts: 1,312
    what about a new Iria dungeon? there are more empty places in Iria to put it and it could be a dungeon player would have to discover like the way Longa, Maiz, and Karu dungeons work. I have always wanted to see a dungeon near Cor Village. camouflage mimics would be great in Cor looking dungeon, they would be completely see through like looking through a blurry window making them harder to attack.

    so far the only dungeon that comes close to a different shaped room is the boss room in Longa dungeon. it is still mostly square shaped but since it looks like some kind of ancient Filia coliseum it gives a more circle/rectangle kind of feel instead of just a square.
  • SiodhanSiodhan
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,825
    Posts: 315
    Sure, that sounds fun. Besides that, iria dungeons weren't (luckily) affected by the hp sponge update. So technically iria is still due for a change in the first place. I'm not sure if cor is a perfect fit, but it's definitely a possibility. We already got math music and sidhe finnachaid in uladh, so it would be about time iria gets something again. To be honest, the boss didn't even need to be a mimic, but I just randomly had the idea and rolled with it.

    Considering my original idea was to have an elf and a giant involved with this dungeon, it would fit even better.
  • FinityFinity
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,100
    Posts: 182
    I'd like anything but the dungeons we have now with stupid dungeon pass system
  • YangKoeteYangKoete
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,175
    Posts: 266
    Honestly, I'd like if Fiodh Dungeon's rooms were circular and had some clearings.
  • FalmostaFalmosta
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,590
    Posts: 68
    I would like to see the rewards for iria dungeons revamped and that there to be more of them in like courcle and Zardine. I would also like to see a hard mode that for them that requires you to use artifact restoration to actually make the item to go there. They REALLY needs to use's Boal's resources to make a hard mode dungeon in barri. and i'd like to see hard more math, Coil, Fiodh, Rabbie, and Peaca as well. With all new es's and drops. Because honestly.... aside from abyss, Peaca and Rabbie. the other dungeons don't get much traffic.