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hard cap issue (recopy from the general chat)

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(Note: I figured this is a better forum for this post so I copied pastad my original post here hopefully so that a mod can see it and hopefully do something about this issue.)

So I have noticed one thing regarding artisan upgrades... the closer you get to end game the less the artisan upgrade helps in your damage due to the hard cap.....

For example.. atm I almost have cap int at 1415 when I am soul linked with my pet that goes up to 1538 (due to some int bonuses that surpass cap) however I also have a +123 int artisan upgraded staff which when equipped gives me literally no bonus int (~1560), making it useless to me,because due to the hard cap that juicy bonus int on my staff is not applied; this has led me to the conclusion that as an end game mage I will be forced to settle for a less value upgrade instead of the Artisan...

In the case of end game players who are very close to their cap, this hard cap makes any artisan upgrade for their tools obsolete since because they are so close to the hard cap of the certain stat of interest the upgrade wont benefit them in any way above that cap.... thus making the Artisan upgrade they worked so hard for obsolete...

One way to fix this is to make the artisan bonuses surpass the hard caps... or better yet... just get rid of the hard caps altogether; cause at this rate all Artisan upgrades will be obsolete once the player base reaches the hard cap values, making artisan removal tools obsolete as well, since getting the max artisan roll will no longer be something to strive for... or worse... the Artisan upgrades will be an abandoned content altogether for end game players.


  • Gaby5011Gaby5011
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    I have the same problem as you with my int. Uncap the cap!
  • ShouKShouK
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    This is why people don't artisan upgrade (that involve stats) their end-game gears. Like, duh? I'm not even end game but I don't use artisan upgrade for my gears that I know I will be using till end-game. I only use artisan for gears that I will be replacing when I have enough money.
  • PanPan
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    edited September 27, 2017
    We have different upgrade paths for a reason. The big int increase from artisan is meant to help boost undeveloped players. As you get stronger, you want to aim for higher MA after you capable of capping int.
    ShouKMikuV3[Deleted User]lceCreamLutetium
  • Hoshilove12345Hoshilove12345
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    Pan wrote: »
    We have different upgrade paths for a reason. The big int increase from artisan is meant to help boost undeveloped players. As you get stronger, you want to aim for higher MA after you capable of capping int.

    this reply is the worst show of common sense i have ever seen..... does this mean at higher levels artisans go to the trash? if that's the case then nexon should really remove artisan removal tools from their shops i mean who would want to have max artisan roll!? the noobs? it is hard enough to get a maxed artisan roll and it should be worth it for everyone. the hard cap must be removed for any growth in this game beyond that cap to be possible for EVERYONE.
  • lceCreamlceCream
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    You made a poor investment. Deal with it
    The last time artisan on a staff was good was 5 yrs ago
  • LutetiumLutetium
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    Removal of hard caps would be nice, my elf needs over 2000 str, but that aside I believe it's very unlikely hard caps will be removed at any point (although possibly raised again like the 999->1500 boost we got someday) considering they've added ~racially diverse~ bonuses (no dark skin for play elves though still) that bypass the normal caps as a form of "balancing" the races (aka Shine of Eweca). Similarly, archery will never not miss because there's a skill designed around missing, and in g21 weapon upgrades based around missing.

    The best option we have is to educate newer players on the usefulness of artisans on certain weapons and lack of on others, and accept them as a shortcut to an ends rather than a legitimate bonus. (As much as I personally would like to see at the very least transformations, artisans, and caters bypassing cap in the way echostones and shine of eweca do.)
  • ZeoZeo
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    Posts: 521
    This is why I don’t really use artisan upgrade on nearly any weapons but I also don’t really get the point of the stat cap in first place socim in favor of removing the cap or at least raise the cap from 1500 to 2000.
  • LadameLadame
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    Posts: 159
    All my staves are so old, that I too am stuck with that big int that helps me no longer. But yea, I will just be making new ones that use a different upgrade path. There should be a way to remove all upgrades down to the last one (Special Upgrade -> Gem -> Artisan -> 4/5 Upgraded). That would solve a lot of issues, with people having to replace old weapons due to lack of planning.

    Alternatively, uncap the cap!
    Or use that other pretty nice idea, allow artisan bonus to surpass cap. It's not a bad idea IMO!
  • KagaKaga
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,170
    Posts: 617
    edited February 11, 2018
    I could care less about this since I had to redo all my artisan based staves/wands..
    But I think there should be an item that lets you "re-upgrade" your weapon from scratch (even if it's step upgraded)
    Atleast that would make everyone satisfied.
  • NusoruNusoru
    Mabinogi Rep: 600
    Posts: 3
    I think we need to redefine the cap because when you have <1300 the cap at 1500 was fine but now. . .
    :,D my base stat is the cap while chars having less than 1240 can have more INT. All your hard work is wasted, nothing works beyond this point than Shine of Eweca and echostone.