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Can we get a return of some older dyes please?

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There are alot of older dyes that haven't been around in ages. Some of them use to come back in gacha's but in recent years that has also stopped, so I am making this thread in hopes some older dyes can make a return, even if it goes into gachas. The dye that I want to make a return the most is:


Wave Pulse Blue Dye. It was originally from Qilla Rebirth and then it was in the monster summoning urns but in the past few years it has not made an appearance at all. I would love to see a return of it please.

Is there a certain dye you want back? Feel free to leave hex codes and such below on dyes you want to see return.


  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
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    :) I'm not a flashy user but I agree on some of the older dyes (especially ones that were RB only) would be nice to have a re-release in a gach or even a dye box for my friends.

    Here's a few that my friends use:





    All except the pink to red one were RB dyes only and have gone non-existent in market RIP
  • ArjuneArjune
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    I would love to see a green dye with this code

    R:0 G:80 B:32 / #005020 --- all types like metal and fabric and instrument and wand

    I also would love to see the green to teal slow flashy from an old gacha return. I don't have a pic of the ampoule though... here's a gif of it on my baby dragon


    I think it was from a previous eweca orb or some other older gacha 2+ years old. there was also a pink>orange slow change subtle flashy that was nice and similar to one of the metal one in the latest trendsetter. the fabric version has been nowhere to be found for a few years now
  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    @Arjune ~ Green-Teal? (Says: Tir & Qilla Rebirth on the dye list).

  • ArjuneArjune
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    edited February 14, 2018
    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    @Arjune ~ Green-Teal? (Says: Tir & Qilla Rebirth on the dye list).

    oh that's the one o_o man... no one really does pay rebirths anymore so no wonder I never see it. I thought it was an old gacha for some reason. Well they could put it in a gacha because I don't think they get many paid ace rebirths lately
  • ChibisaiChibisai
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    edited February 14, 2018
    The only picture I could find. The police (red-purple-blue) may not be as old as the other flashies, but it's pretty much extinct (as it came in only one gacha barely anyone did) except one person and they want a lot for it... I also liked the purple-black fast flashy listed in pic and the one pulsing red-purple I remembered seeing on an outfit in housing long ago (It isn't listed on wiki but pretty sure it's RB dye only)


    It'd also be nice to see more of my #330000 dark red dyes. As far as I know, they're in current Eweca Orb as my boyfriend got 2 one time, but... no one does that anymore
  • EkaterinEkaterin
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    #524782 grayish-purple. It's close to the one base hair color, and I use it on all my wigs so my hair matches whether i wear a wig or a hat. I am down to about 5 of these.
  • OdinwolfeOdinwolfe
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    just make them a rare but reasonable rate drop from the glittering bottles.
    Lutetium[Deleted User]
  • NifanityNifanity
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    edited February 22, 2018
    3ddaee pls