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Viewable Buffs and Debuffs on other players

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in Feedback and Suggestions
This is mostly a change that would be appreciated in PVP. it would be nice to see what Buffs other players have. A common rule in dueling is not to use bone-chip for example. There's no way to be sure whether or not someone is actually using a bone chip or weapon power potion. It would be nice if there was an indicator for bonechip, buff potions, cater and food effects, stuff like that.
On the point of cater, you can usually tell if you have a food buff by opening your character window, but it would be nice to have a buff icon for that as well.
If you're worried about cluttering the player's name with too many buffs, you could make it a toggleable option to see other players buffs, or even have to right click them and select "see buffs"


  • HelsaHelsa
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    I don't PvP, but I'd imagine PvPers would like this as it might offer more protection to suckers.
  • ReneranReneran
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    Would be nice if buffs could be toggled on yourself, maybe off by default and appear while holding Alt.
    This might be just me, but I'm sick of clicking them by accident and the buff icon eating the input in combat.
    It happens once in a blue moon but it is just so annoying, especially if the only 'buff' I have is a shadow crystal or double exp potion that I really don't need to be reminded of.