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Must have more hotkeys for skills

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edited December 14, 2017 in Feedback and Suggestions
Today we the players got new skills,but where's the 9th hotkey at the 1-8 hotkey slots,I have to do a lot of thinking like where am I gonna set these skills at?So I want that in the game if that's possible?That will be our suggestions. :*


  • 수융_Ruairi수융_Ruairi
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    My friend had this problem too! He use almost every skill, so he had to make room. Was not easy to do, so more hotkeys! I say.... yes!
  • SherriSherri
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    Agreed. It's silly how we only have eight sets of hotkeys. I had to get rid of Archery to make room for Chain Slash. :(
  • GretaGreta
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    Sherri wrote: »
    Agreed. It's silly how we only have eight sets of hotkeys. I had to get rid of Archery to make room for Chain Slash. :(

    LOL i got rid of Archery skill set as well xD! I was like "what's the least talent i use?" and of course it was Archery :D
  • Dra6o0nDra6o0n
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    How about a hotkey revamp since some of the UI stuff for controls can be pretty outdated.

    A useful control mechanism we can use is the mouse actually, the mouse wheel to be specific.

    Rather than the mouse wheel being restricted to merely zooming across all usage (even if the mouse is focused on a ui window to scroll a scroll bar), have the mouse wheel utilize zoom only when a key combination is held down when using it, thus you free up the mouse wheel for a very unique way to configure hotkeys for skills:

    Holding Shift and scrolling the mouse wheel should alternate your lower skill bar from 1 to 9, etc. This makes it handy to swap skill sets without stretching your hands between Ctrl and 1~9.
    Holding Alt and scrolling the mouse wheel zooms in or out of your character.
    Holding Ctrl to lock onto a enemy and scrolling the mouse wheel will alternate targets nearby (if enabled).
    RMB already adjusts your camera, so there's no need for a middle mouse button to do the same.

    Remap middle mouse button and the regular mousewheel scrolling (with no combo) to utilize this new 'quick skill' mechanism.
    Quick Skill Mechanism:

    Mouse wheel selects between #1-6 skills, and middle mouse button instantly activates or prepares the skill you set to it.

    This way you can have skill activation on your right hand, not just your left hand.

    A way to make this work is a radial ui in a 5 direction skill scrolling and activation cursor window.
    The reason why I say 6 directions, and not 8, is because mouse wheel for scrolling can be very finicky based on input and dpi settings, meaning you can easily overshoot the selection of skills while scrolling.

    The 6 direction is as follows (using a compass direction)
    North West + North East
    South West + South East

    Sensitivity can be adjusted in the options, where the require amount of 'scrolling' input sent by the mouse to change from one skill to another.
    At Lowest = 1 mousewheel input within 1000ms to rotate to 1 other skill
    At Highest = 3 mousewheel inputs within 1000ms to rotate to 1 other skill
    This is client sided as it's a mere matter of convenience.
  • ErorservErorserv
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    I'd like to be able to put skills on qwerty.
  • EllisyaEllisya
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  • KaibaAkayukiKaibaAkayuki
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    edited March 1, 2018
    Can we please get more hotkeys? either like 2 more of the extra hotkeys type things. or more to switch into on the top bar? both would be preferable many of us. as we have more skill than we have room to put on the hot bar. and many of us switch between multiple talents in the course of even a single dungeon depending on what type of damage we need to do.
  • YangKoeteYangKoete
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,155
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    Ya do know there's a whole other bar you can set up, right?
  • KaibaAkayukiKaibaAkayuki
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    edited March 5, 2018
    i have both my top bars set up as well as all 8 of the bottom ones and the 2 extras available in the options.

    and that initially was a separate post bcuz i i didnt see the this one. and i guess someone combined them.
  • FalmostaFalmosta
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    edited March 7, 2018
    Keep in mind there are only so many button on a key board however a old hot key system can still be used that's not seen on the interface, It was never removed.
    "No Keys Use skill #(1~9) on the Skill Window Depending on which tab you are on, it will activate the skill in the corresponding place on that particular Skill Tab."
    if you set in order from top to bottom 9 skills you want and assign them to hot keys in the hot key section mention above this may help.
    I have mine set to q w e r t y a s d.
    This isn't and ideal solution but.... it does exist.