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B>Yggdrasil Staff Scroll, #7FB3FA Ice blue dyes

Mabinogi Rep: 1,040
Posts: 62
edited March 28, 2018 in Mari Marketplace

BUYING #7FB3FA ICE BLUE DYES 700k EACH. Mail/Note/Add/Discord

Buying Max Magic Attack Roll Celtic Tribolt Wand

Buying Dungeon Passes
Buying Unrestricted Dungeon Passes 350k

Buying F/SN Appearance Scroll Items

Fate/stay night (UBW) Weapon Appearance Change Scroll
Archer's Bow Appearance Scroll
Archer's Bow
Yggdrasil Staff Appearance Scroll

Buying Echostone

Yellow Echostone with Crash Shot Max Fragment Range 10+

Buying Alban Hard & Heroic Difficulty Stones

NM/Add IGN: Kenichi
Discord Kenichi#7517 (will see this quicker)