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Old Quest lines

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So I played way back when and then took quite a break, but I remember that after a few quests, the Save the Goddess questline started and I kinda miss playing that series. Is it no longer available? And why?

(Also, I seem to have a hard time finding the dang Max Rabbit family. Does anyone have any clues where they will be at what times or just where they tend to spawn? I appreciate the assist!)

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  • starkiller1286starkiller1286
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    I think Save the Goddess is still around not sure as I started playing a month or so ago and am currently on some Light Calling and Advent Goddess questline.

    For the Rabbit family they spawn for only 5 minutes after each real hour with a scrolling notice given when they do from what I found on steam forms and such they appear south of Dunbarton, maybe north Tir Chonsomething and somewhere around a third city.
  • YokkaichiYokkaichi
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    The Save the Goddess questline is Generation 1, and it is still playable. I believe after you complete your beginner quests, you will view a cutscene and the first quest to start Generation 1 will be given to you.

    The Max Rabbit family appears in the Eastern Plains of Tir Chonaill, the northwestern plains of Dunbarton, and north of Tara.