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Bank PTJ

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edited April 23, 2018 in Help
Bank PTJ at Tara. Requires u to give a package to any random person on the channel ur on. DO U KNOW HOW ANNOYING IT IS TO GET THIS DONE? Their name is hard to decipher sometimes because its not aligned right unless their name is long enough. Then there's the fact that everyone is always afk. How the hell does anyone get this done? Getting falias fragments is bs. I just want my Eweca for my hs. e_e


  • FayeKaibaFayeKaiba
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    edited April 23, 2018
    Best to do this is on another channel.
  • YokkaichiYokkaichi
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    Yeah it can be annoying, but it's better to do it on your server's market channel, where most of the players are. And if they're AFK, just quit the job and keep trying. You'll eventually get someone who isn't. Good luck!
  • FluoretteFluorette
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,215
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    What server are you on? I have a Falias fragment in my pet inventory that I probably won't ever use and wouldn't mind giving away.
  • ShouKShouK
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    Ah I remember doing this part time job a lot when I was a newb as one of my main sources of income. Good times

    Anyways from my experience, channel is irrelevant as there’s always afk players in every channel so it really depends on your luck. I usually get the best results when I did both noting and adding the person.

    The best way is to just earn gold and buy it off someone else. The auction house makes falias fragments fairly accessible now, at least on Alexina. There’s always at least 1 for sale every day.