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☆Sparkle Freebies☆ Round One!

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edited May 26, 2018 in Art Creations
Hello, I'm thinking about opening a shop. (cause my friends don't know why I don't use my art for anything...)(...and I'm not in the best financial situation.)
So I'd like to practice before I really put more thought into it and to see if my art is desirable at all.

So anyone and everyone post your references and poses I'll sketch 5 people of my choosing. And 1 of the 5 people will get a completed colored version in addition to the sketch.
If this is a big success I'll think about doing another round of 5 as well.

I started a new DA semi-recently so have a look if you wish.

ONE: Imaizumi

TWO: kitteykat74


FOUR: AL (Discord request)