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Ronin Outfit (M) Eats Held Items

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What happens now: If you place an item into your hands while the sword from the idle pose is out, only part of the item loads.
What should happen instead: The entire item you equip in your hands should load normally.

It only happens if you do it when the fake sword is being held, and you have to drop the item in, swapping tabs will not trigger it.
The female version of the outfit may do it too, but I don't have one to test personally and it may be inconsistent on that one.

Demonic Gloomy Sunday

Demonic Oculus Lance

Fanatic Greatsword

Dowra SE

(Some items that consist of only one model will appear invisible as the main model doesn't render at all.)

Server: Ruairi


  • WolfandWolfWolfandWolf
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    Some of these look kind of cool if I'm being honest. Ahhh ^ ^;; You have a very hungry outfit.