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Allow bank-trade for "Hairstyle Reversion Coupon".

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Title had length issues, so to restate: Allow a "Hairstyle Reversion Coupon" stored in one character's bank tab to be withdrawn by a different character on the same account.

At the moment, exclusive hairstyles like the crossover-only Kagamine Rin/Len, Hatsune Miku, and Kaito can't be moved across your own characters, even if you have had a character with the hairstyle since the original crossover event years ago.
In another case, perhaps you've used a hairstyle coupon on one character, then wanted to change to a different character as your main without spending gold on a new coupon.

In both cases, it would benefit the player (and your profits) to allow transferring the "Hairstyle Reversion Coupon" between characters on the same account.


  • VeylaineVeylaine
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    edited July 28, 2018
    Yeah its not like its going to be tradeable to any other player besides the characters on the same account anyways , my giant would greatly benefit from being able to use one of my elfs stored hairs.