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Old characters

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I remember playing Mabinogi in like 2015-2017 and having a character who's name started with "Ari" but when I go into the game now, I have one character called "Kiritsudesu". I was wondering 2 things: a) What was the character's name (or characters in there where more than one) and b) is there a way to get them back? I know there's a chance that I rebirthed and forgot but it's not the type of character I'd rebirth after all the things I had (Items like instruments, a cylinder, etc) but if it's not possible for it to be found, that's fine, I'd just be greatful if you could do anything. Also, the reason I want the name should go without saying but I want to recreate the character/a simular character.

Thanks in advance,


  • BronzebreakBronzebreak
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    Wherever 'Mabinogi' is saved on your computer> 'Cache', lists every player and pet that you've used on your current PC. If you remember them on an older machine, check that Cache if you can.

    Devs claim accounts/chars aren't deleted, but I did have it happen to one of mine.

    Anything else you have question wise needs to be addressed via a support ticket.
  • asnscorpioasnscorpio
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    Sometimes the character screen just show's favorites or selected cards. You need to be sure to select the option to see all your cards. It's a bit weird that it's preset in certain ways instead of showing all. It gets a bit tricky. Took me a while when they implemented such to see where the rest of my cards went off to.